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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Makeup look- Grey smokey eye makeup.

Hey cuties.

I wanted to show you the makeup I was wearing at school today, because it was really pretty and I think it looks awesome. I love black smokey eyes, but I thought black was a bit too much today, so I used a dark grey eyeshadow all over the lid and a lot of black eyeliner on my waterline and on my lower lash line, and my favorite mascara. I also put the bronzer on quite strong, because I love strong bronzers, that show up well. It looks so pretty. What I used to create this look was:

-Eye Primer & Line Sealer by E.L.F.(not in the picture)
-Dark grey eyeshadow from Multi Makeup Kit by h&m.
-Light pink eyeshadow from the Multi Makeup Kit by h&m.
-Cream Eyeliner by Wet'n Wild.
-Fals Lash Effect mascara by Max Factor.

-Bronzing Powder from h&m.
-Blush called Giddy Gold by E.L.F.

Lipstick called Natural Nymph by E.L.F.

Brushes: look at the picture.
Here are the pictures:

Highlight color!

The eyeshadow I used all over my lid.

Everything I used to create the look.

I love this look and it will be awesome for everyone, will be great for school, work and at a party. As long as you like the makeup you are wearing that don't be afraid to wear it out.

-Do you like it?


Monday, 28 November 2011

Makeup look- Winter makeup look!

Hey cuties.

Yesterday we finally got snow here, and I am so happy right now. I was inspired to do a winter makeup look for you guys, and what I came up with looks really nice on me. I forgot to put a primer on, so if your going to wear this makeup out, you should put a primer on. Important! This look is perfect, dosn't take you more than 10/15 minutes. Everything I used to create the look was this:

-Blue Eyeshadow from the 120 eyeshadow palette.
-Darker blue eyeshadow from the 120 eyeshadow palette.
-White eyeshadow from the 120 eyeshadow palette.
-Wet'n Wild Cream Eyeliner.
-Fals Lash Effect mascara by Max Factor.

-Complexion Perfection by E.L.F.
-Pink color from the 120 eyeshadow palette as my blush.
-Bronzing Powder by h&m.

-Red color from the 120 eyeshadow palette.
-Super Glossy Lip Shine in Honey Do by E.L.F.

Brushes: look at the picture.

Here are the pictures of the look and the products.

Lid color.

Lower lash line color.

That's the look and I hope you like it, I do. I love it, it looks pretty. Again, remember to put on a primer. The primer I have is by E.L.F, I will write a review on that soon, so be patient. I will review everything from E.L.F.

-Do you like it?


Oh No, not now.

Hey guys.

I'm in a lot of pain, I'm getting two new teeth, and it hurts like hell. I don't know what they are, but I don't want them there now, because of the pain. I just want to sleep, so I don't have to feel the pain, only problem is that I can't sleep because my head hurts, I'm cold and I can't sleep then, I wish someone could be here and hold a hand on my head and just lay close to me so I could be warm. I could really need that now. Unfortunatly I don't know anyone who would like to do that, oh well, I guess I'm alright without that, but still I wish I had someone here to do that. I will try to get some sleep now but I probably can't.

Do you know about anything that can help me? I will go to the dentist, not this week, but the week after. Hopefully she can fix this, but until then, I could need some help!

-Would you hold a hand on my head to make the pain go away, and lay close to me so I could get warm? xD


Friday, 25 November 2011

Makeup look- Blue eyeshadow with a nude lip.

Hey cuties.

I was bored so I made a new makeup look for you. This is a look you could wear at school, or at work. You can also wear this at a party. The products I used to do this look was:

-Eye Primer & Line Sealer by E.L.F.
-Wet'n Wild's Cream Eyeliner.
-Blue Eyeshadow from the 120 eyeshdow palette.
-White Eyeshadow from the 120 eyeshadow palette.
-Fals Lash Effect Mascara by Max Factor.

-Complexion Perfection by E.L.F.
-Blush called Giddy Gold by E.L.F.
-Bronzing Powder by H&M.

-Lipstick called Natural Nymph by E.L.F.
-Minty Lip Gloss called Chicago by E.L.F.

Look at the picture.

Pictures of the makeup look:

That's everything, I hope you like this look and if you know about any other looks I can do, give me a link for a picture or just write in the comment box what I should do, what colors I should use.

-What do you think?


Thursday, 24 November 2011

I can't sleep.

Hey guys.

I'm in bed and I can't sleep at all. I have been reading a lot, I'm tired but I can't sleep. What should I do? I have been trying so much. I guess I just have to lay down and close my eyes and think about something nice. I think the reason for why I can't sleep is that I'm so warm, I need a cold shower. Or I could just open the window for a few minutes. Will that help?


I hate that I can't sleep.


Now I'm cold, damn, I hate this. Come lay in bed with me and make me warm? Just kidding. Or was I?

Good night cuties and sweet dreams.


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Pocket Warmer-Awesome little gift.

Hey guys.

Looking for an awesome gift for Christmas for a friend, girlfriend or boyfriend? Well I know about an awesome thing you can get for anyone and I can guarant you, they will love it. It's called a pocket warmer. If you live in Norway go to a store called Nille and they have these little things for only 19.00 NOK
You can get them in all kind of shapes. The first time I bought one, I bought one looking like a pinguin. This time I bought a heart, because it was super cute. I will buy more of these, because they are so handy to have. You can use them over and over again. They wont break. They are awesome. I will use mine right now. You should get one of these, or many of these. I want this for Christmas, give me one?

"I love you"

Can I have another one please?

I said please!

These are also called heat packs. They are amazing, and I'm using mine now and it keeps me so warm. Got to get more of these. Only 19.00 NOK, that's nothing. I have to go to bed now so good night and sweet dreams.


E.L.F Package+pictures.

Hey cuties.

After waiting for my E.L.F stuff for two weeks I finally got it, and I'm super happy, I was recording while I opend up everything but I cant post the video because you will just complain about not being able to hear me! The sound was all fucked up, so I'm sorry that I wont post a video this time. At least I will post a video when I get my little kitten. So the things I bought was:

-Lipstick called Gypsy.
-Super Glossy Lip Shine with Spf 15 called Honey Do.
-Blush called Giddy Gold(studio)
-10pc Brush Set.

When I bought this I used a code to get a free mystery box and that box contained.
-Nail Polish called Golden Godess.
-Nail Polish called Smokey Brown.
-Mascara Wands.
-Minty Lip Gloss called Chicago.

I was really happy with my free gift, I will order from E.L.F again, not this year though. I will just show you the pictured of everything today and then test them out for about two weeks and write reviews on everything. Here are the pictures:

That's everything I got and I also bough a little yar which I filled with tiny stones, I'm going to use this as my brush holder. I will post a picture of that as well so you can see it. I will create a new makeup look tomorrow if I get the time for it, cause today I wont. I will make cupcakes and watch tv and hang out with friends, and maybe drive with my mom as well. Watch out, I'm a danger to the road! Just joking. OR WAS I?