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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Pocket Warmer-Awesome little gift.

Hey guys.

Looking for an awesome gift for Christmas for a friend, girlfriend or boyfriend? Well I know about an awesome thing you can get for anyone and I can guarant you, they will love it. It's called a pocket warmer. If you live in Norway go to a store called Nille and they have these little things for only 19.00 NOK
You can get them in all kind of shapes. The first time I bought one, I bought one looking like a pinguin. This time I bought a heart, because it was super cute. I will buy more of these, because they are so handy to have. You can use them over and over again. They wont break. They are awesome. I will use mine right now. You should get one of these, or many of these. I want this for Christmas, give me one?

"I love you"

Can I have another one please?

I said please!

These are also called heat packs. They are amazing, and I'm using mine now and it keeps me so warm. Got to get more of these. Only 19.00 NOK, that's nothing. I have to go to bed now so good night and sweet dreams.


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