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Friday, 30 March 2012

Haul+My 18'th Birthday!

Hey cuties.

I had a lot of fun in Bodø yesterday. I actually loved to be there, cause there was not so many people there, I also got time to find me some nice clothes. I first went to H&M, I couldn't find anything I wanted, which was quite annoying. I then went to Gina Tricot because everything there is so cheap and awesome. I wanted to get everything they had, but I only bought two things, first thing I bough was a skirt with floral print, very nice and tight fitted as well, which I love. I always wanted this type of skirt, so I was so happy when I finally found it.
This skirt is called Escada skirt Black/flower, I got mine in XS, and I only paid 7,95 EUR for it.

I really look forward to wear this skirt! The next thing I got was a t-shirt with Johnny Depp on. I love Johnny Depp, so that's one of the reasons for why I bought this shirt, the other reason for why I got it is because I love this lavender color, I think these colors are so nice for spring and summer,  it looked good with the skirt as well so I had to get it.
This t-shirt is called Inga Tee Lavendula, I got this in XS and I only paid 19,95 EUR for it!
I love this shirt, it's super soft and nice to wear, it's a tiny bit see through, but that's alright, I love it anyway. This is actually the only two things I got yesterday because I didn't have the money to buy more, well I do, but I'm going to buy a camera so I'm saving my money for that.

Today it's my 18'th birthday, all I can say is wow, time really does fly. I'm super happy and exited to finally be 18. I don't really know what to say, cause there isn't that much to say. It's my birthday and I'm so damn happy! Hopefully this day will be awesome, and I hope I will have a lot of fun. Life is good, right? Yes, it is! Hope you all are having a great and awesome day yourself, thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog. Birthday outfit and makeup will be up during the weekend or during next week. Ones again thank you for visiting and reading, you guys are awesome. Thanks.<333

-What do you think about the skirt and the t-shirt?
-Wish me a happy birthday? 


Monday, 26 March 2012

Makeup look- It's Alright!

Hey cuties.

Today's makeup look is the makeup look I was wearing as I was going out friday night with my best friends! I think this look is great for going out, but at the same time I think it's a good day time look, for work and school! I would wear this makeup to school! This look will be awesome no matter what hair or eyecolor you have, as long as you want to wear it and like to wear it, it's awesome! I really like this makeup look and I hope you like it as well!

Concealer In Medium- Sheer Cover.
Foundation In Linen- Make Up Store.
Bronzing Powder In Gorgeous Tan- H&M.
Blush In Giddy Gold- E.L.F.

Eye Primer & Liner Sealer- E.L.F
Inliner Kajal In Satin White- IsaDora.
Blue Glitter Eyeshadow- 120 Palette.
Dark Blue Eyeshadow- 120 Palette.
Skin Color Eyeshadow- 120 Palette.
Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24H- Maybelline.
Extra Lenght Mascara In Black/Brown- Sheer Cover.

Lipliner In Rosewood- Viva La Diva.
Lip Balm- Hello Kitty.

From the left: Main eyeshadow used on the lids and in the inner corner on the lower lash line, the dark blue color was used on the lower lash line, third color is the Giddy Gold blush from E.L.F and then we have the Viva La Diva lipliner in Rosewood, which is so nice and pretty, one of my favorite colors now! I love it!

I really hope you like this look, I would love to know what you think about it! I'm sorry it took so long to get this post done, the reason was because the internet was so slow because of the bad weather! I don't know if I will write so damn much during this week cause it's my birthday on friday so I'm looking forward to that! I will be going to the city on thursday so I will do a little shopping I guess and meet some friends! I will write about my birthday outfit and about my birthday makeup look, maybe make a video as well! Enough about that, I have some homework to finnish now! Hope you all have a great and awesome day! Thank you so much for visiting and reading!

-What do you think about this look?
-What makeup should I wear for my birthday?


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Shoe Wishlist!

Hey guys!

I was going to put up a makeup look today, but since I'm being quite obsessed with shoes today, I thought I would share my shoe wishlist with you insted! I think the reason for why I'm so obsessed with shoes today is because I've been watching Bunny's videos! I think she has the most amazing taste when it comes to shoes and clothes, I wish I could live close to her, so I could hang out with her! I feel like she can teach me so many things when it comes to shoes and clothes! You guys should go check her youtube channel out and subscribe to her as well! You can also follow her on Twitter and like her on Facebook as well! You can aslo add me as your friend on facebook, so go ahead and do that by clicking here. I hope that link will work now!

Moving on, the shoes I will show you are the shoes I love and would wear going shopping and going to school or to a party! I'm not sure if they are any good to walk around in but yes these are the shoes I want and I feel like these are the shoes I need in my life! They are perfect for me and my style, alright?

The first pair of shoes are a pair I saw in Bunny's shoe collection video, and after seeing them I decided that I had to get them ones I get the money to get them! I think they look great and I know I will rock these platforms everywhere ones I get them! I really hope I can get them as fast as possible! There's just something about them which makes me really feel like I need to get them! I mean these are the shoes which are on the top of my wishlist!
UNIF Hellbound Platform Shoes from DollSkill!
The second pair of shoes I really want are shoes I found at a side called I really adore shoes and clothes with flower and butterfly prints on, so I guess that's the only reason for why I want these awesome shoes! I think they simply are beautiful! I think you guys will like this pair of shoes as well!
Lita Platform Boot-Butterfly from NastyGal!
The third pair of shoes I really want are shoes I love! I adore boots and these ones are perfect for me and my style! There isn't so much I can say about them since I don't have them, but I know that these boots are great! I really want them!
Emery Platform Boots from NastyGal!

The next pair of shoes I think will be great to wear for going to a party, because of the design! I wish I had the money to get them cause I think they are beautiful! I know I would love walking around in shoes like this, even at school!
See Star Boot from NastyGal!
The next pair of shoes are shoes I've been looking at for a very long time, I love these shoes and I probably will love them for the rest of my life! I know these shoes will be great for going to a party, I mean look at them, they are awesome!
Love Bites Platforms from Iron Fist!
The last pair of shoes I really feel like getting are some flats, I think they will be great for summer which is why I want them! Flats looks great with everythings so yes I want them!
Iron Fist Wolfbater Flats from Brandos!

If you want me to do a shoe collection video or post then please just tell me, cause I will! Thank you so much for reading and visiting my blog, it means so much to me, and as you can see I have 200 followers, which makes me so happy! Words can't describe how thankful I am! You cuties are the best people in this whole world! Ones again thank you so much for following my blog, it means so much to me!

-What are your favorite shoes?
-What shoes are on your wishlist?


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Versatile Blogger Award Nr.3

Hey guys!

I got my third Versatile Blogger Award, this time I got it from  Selen, if you haven't seen her blog, then you should check it out right now! Selen is awesome and so is her blog! Before I start I just wanted to say thank you so much Selen for giving me this award, it's very sweet and nice of you, thank you hun!

-Thank the person that nominated you with a link back!
-Tell 7 things about you!
-Pass this on to 10 newly discovered blogs and let the know they received the award!

7.Things About Me!
-I'm soon turning 18!
-I'm obsessed with cars!
-I love to read!
-I could lay in the snow and look up at the stars for a million years!
-I don't like Facebook, but yes I do have Facebook, so if you want to add me, you can!
-I used to write fantasy stories when I was younger!
-I sometimes sleep with my head outside my bed! O.o


Riyana N.
Lucia Flores.

It took me quite a while to do this, because I was not in the mood for writing anything on my blog today! I don't think I will write something later tonight, only place I will write is on my TWITTER, so make sure you follow me there to get updates! Thank you so much for reading and visiting my blog, it means so much to me!


Saturday, 17 March 2012

Makeup look- Happy St Patrick's Day!

Hey cuties.

We all know that today it's Saint Patric's Day, want to know more about what it is you should click HERE. I did my version of an inspired Saint Patric's Day makeup look! I'm happy with what I made and I think you will like it as well! Remember that this is an inspired look and I'm not a professional makeup artist! I know this look will be great for everyone! No matter what hair or eye color you have! I think this look will be amazing for you if you have blond hair! That's just my opinion!
I hope you like this look!
Concealer In Nr.12- H&M
Foundation In Linen- Make Up Store.
Bronzing Powders In Gorgeous Tan- H&M.
Red Blush- 120 Palette.

Eye Primer & Liner Sealer- E.L.F
Inliner Kajal In Satin White- IsaDora.
Light Green Eyeshaow- 120 Palette.
Darker Green Eyeshadow- 120 Palette.
Dark Green Eyeshadow- 120 Palette.
Light Green Glitter Eyeshadow- 120 Palette.
Skin Color Eyeshadow- 120 Palette.
White Eyeshadow- 120 Palette.
Fals Lash Effect Mascara- Max Factor.

Mineral Lipstick In Natural Nymph- E.L.F
Lip Balm!

From the left: Base Color used all over the lids, second color was used all over the lids aswell, the third color was used on the lower lash line, the light green glitter color was used on the lids, not higher up that the crease of the eye! The red color was used as blusher, just a very small amount, at the end we have the E.L.F lipstick!

I hope you like this look, and I hope you all are having a great St Patric's Day! Thank you so much for visisting and reading! It means a lot to me!

-What do you think about this look?


Friday, 16 March 2012

Jasmine's Mac Giveaway!

Hey you adorable cuties!

Jasmine is having a giveaway on her blog because she hit over 1000 followers, now before I start I want to say that, she is one of my favorite bloggest and she deserves more that a million followers on her blog! Even though I don't know her, I believ she is the most amazing person ever! I read her blog everyday and I'm 100% honest when I say that I love her and her blog! I really want you guys to check out her blog and follow her cause I know you will like her blog just as much as I do!

With that said let's talk about The giveaway, you can win a Mac lipstick in the color you want! To win you have to follow her blog with GFC, comment and leave a message with your email and tell her that you followed her blog with GFC! To earn three extra points you simply do a blog post about her giveaway! You can earn 5 points! It's open to all bloggers, so hurry up and follow her and you have a chanse to win as well!

I love your blog Jasmin and girl, you rock! I'm always going to keep reading your blog, even if I'm too sick to actually be on the computer I will log on and read your blog! That's the link to the giveaway btw!

Thanks for reading and visiting my blog, means a lot to me!


Favorite Nail Polish!

Hey cuties.

My favorite nail polish atm is by IsaDora and it's called Pink Pastel. This light pink color is great because it gives such a wonderful shine! This is from the Wonder Nail Collection! Extra long lasting nail polish and also has a quick dry! Which I love, because I hate nail polishes which takes 10 minutes to dry! This nail varnish is great, and I will buy more of these onse I get some money! I have money to buy it but I'm saving the money to get a camera from Nikon with HD quality, I'm also taking my driver's license this year which means I wont have much money after that. If I'm going to buy some new nail polishes I will buy some from E.L.F!

Nail nr.1 has no nail polish on, nr.2 has three coats of the Pink Pastel nail polish on!
As you can see the color is not so strong, which is what I love about it, and you can also see the awesome shine it gives! Another thing you can see is that I have ugly nails, when I was 12 I used to bite them, I stopped biting them, but when they grow they break off because they are so weak! I would be super happy if you could tell me what to do to get a bit longer nails and stronger nails, so I don't have to use fake nails! If you have any tips for me please leave them in the comments! Thank you so much for reading and visiting! Love you all, your awesome!

-What do you think about this nail polish?
-Do you have any tips for me on what I can do to get stronger and longer nails?
-What is your favorite nail polish?
-What nail polishes should I buy?


Thursday, 15 March 2012

March Makeup Madness!

Hey cuties.

A few days ago I was tagged by Ashley Elizabeth to do the March Makeup Madness tag. If you haven't seen her blog, then please take a look at it now! This tag is all about my 5 favorite makeup products, the things I couldn't live without! I think you will like this tag so if you really want to you can also do this tag or tell me your top 5 makeup products! I'm starting with product nr.5 and I will end with product nr.1 which is the product I love more than any other product! Right, let's do this now!
Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24H In Black-Maybelline!
In almost every makeup look I've created, I have been using this gel eyeliner, the reason for that is because I love gel liners! Simply because they last a lot longer than the eyeliner pencils, and I like the result better!
Fals Lash Effect Mascara In Black- Max Factor.
Let's get it out there: It's a reason for why it's called Fals Lash Effect! It's the best mascara ever, I think it's awesome and it works very well for me! This one is waterproof and it will stay on for a very long time, which is what I really love about it.
Lipstick In Choco Cream-Maybelline.
This lipstick is my absolute favorite, it's natural and very nice, it stays on for a very long time, which I really like about it! I got this one from my mom two years ago and as you can see I've used a lot of it! I have to get a new one! I love it, can't live without it!
120 Palette.
This palette is one of the best things I've spent my money on! I love this palette because there are 120 different colors to choose from, the pigments are awesome and the shadows come out super bright as you can see in the makeup looks I've been creating! I love this palette!
Bronzing Powder In Gorgeous Tan-H&M.
This is my favorite makeup product of all time! I can't live without a bronzer, I need this bronzer in my life, that's all I can say! I love it, and this is the product I will keep buying because it's amazing and super cheap!

Now that's it and I really hope you had fun while reading this! I think this was a great tag! I had so much fun while doing it! Now I know that some might not have the time to do tags so I'm not going to tag anyone who might not have the time for doing this! What I am going to do is to tag everyone who wants to do this, if you do this tag it would be nice if you could send me the link so I could see your top 5 makeup products! Next post will be on my favorite nail polish, so if you want to know what that is just stay tuned! Thank you so much for reading and visiting and ones again thank you so much Ashley for tagging me!

-What are your favorite makeup products?