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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Sooo sorry!

Hey cuties.

Sorry that I haven't written anything, the reason for why I haven't been writing anything is just because I don't have internet at home. Something wrong with the
equipment. I hope it will get fixed this week, I have so much to write about so hopefully it will get fixed soon. I'm at school now so I can't write so much, just had to tell you why I haven't been able to write. I'm really sorry that I haven't been writing but as soon as I get the internet back I promise I will blog. I have many new makeup looks for you, including a halloween makeup look. I have two wrist warmers to show you, and a a lot of pictures. I think you will like it. But for now I hope you all are doing alright and I will write as soon as possible.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Brother Firetribe-Spanish Eyes lyrics.

Hey cuties.

Tomorrow you will get a new makeup look but tonight I will just give you the lyrics for my favorite song ever. It's by Brother Firetribe which is a classic metal band from Finland. The band was formed in 2002. The members of the band is:
-Pekka Ansio Heino
-Erno Vuorinen.
-Jason Flinck.
-Tomppa Nikulainen.
-Kalle Torniainen.

If you want to you can read more about the band Here.

I love this band so much, my bestfriend and cousin Jan-Christian told me about them and sent me a song. The first song I hear was called One Single Breath. Then I heard Spanish Eyes. I love this song so much, I can listen to it all day. This is the lyrics to the song

Darkness fades away and the first rays hit the floor
Sleep's been out of question, this road goes on and on
It's been month now since the last time I heard you close the door
It was right there in that sound
That said you and me no more

Getting straight down to the point with nothing left to say

I coulda done things differently
But my world got in the way


All I just wanted was to make it somehow right
Forever in these arms and hold on so tight
So now you're gone and I've given up the fight
But I still swear that I'd die for you
And your spanish eyes
Baby your spanish eyes mean the world to me

Wheels just keep on rolling

It's getting better all the time
Thank God I keep on moving
Always another city sign
Strangers buzz around me
Feels like sometimes I've lost the ball
Soldiers of show business march alone after all

But it gives me time now to forget

What I thought was killing me
My world is somewhere too far gone
For your spanish eyes to see


I'll try to live my life

And try to stay alive
This is how I say goodbye
To your spanish eyes

I had to say goodbye

For I believe was right
This is how I say goodbye


All I just wanted was to make it somehow right
Forever in these arms and hold on so tight
So now you're gone and I've given up the fight
But I still swear that I'd die for you
And your spanish eyes
Baby your spanish eyes mean the world to me.

I love this song, and hopefully you love it just as much as I do. Here it is so you can listen to it:

Enjoy it and love it!


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Makeup look- Grey and purple.

Hello cuties.

I fnally have a new makeup look for you, I know it has been like forever since the last time I did a makeup look for you, and to be honest the reason for that is because I haven't been wearing any makeup apart from when I'm at school, which is one day each week, and when I'm in Bodø with my mom, other than that I haven't been using makeup. Enough about that, now I finally have a new look and today I used two grey colors and an awesome purple eyeshadow. I took pictures of the look and everything I used to create the look. This time I didn't use the 120 eyeshadow palette but I used two eyeshadows called Superstar Silver & Pearly Lilacs, both are by h&m. I put the Superstar Silver eyeshadow all over my eyelids then I put the metallic grey colore from the Pearly Lilacs on, not all over. Then I used the purple from the same little palette as my eyeliner on my lower lash line. On my waterline I just used my wet'n wild waterproof cream eyeliner. On my lashes I'm using my favorite mascara which is the Max Factor waterproof mascara. This look is great for anyone with blond hair, I think, and also people with blue or green eyes. Also as you can see it will look good if you have red hair. Here are a few pictures of the look and the products I used.

The look!

The products!

The Superstar Silver eyeshadow.

The Pearly Lilacs eyeshadows.

The purple I used for my eyeliner on my lower lash line.


Closed eyes!

Beautiful look!

I like it!

Close up!

That's everything for now, if you want to ask me anything just write your question in the comment box.

What do you think about the look?


Sunday, 11 September 2011

Knitting is so easy!

Hey cuties.

Remember the hat I knitted by using the loom, or the quick knit? That is really easy but knitting with needels are also super easy, I learned it when I was about 6-8, in between that age. I started to knit scarfs and small things. I don't know where everything is that I have made but it should be somewhere in the house. I love to knit, I think it is super fun. I like to knit wrist warmers or mitts as they also are called. I use a pair everyday. I have so many of them, just because it is super easy to make. I'm gonna get my mom to buy me some really nice yarn and then I'm going to knit a new pair of wrist warmers and take pictures from start to finish. I was thinking that I could use pink, yellow and blue yarn? would that be weir? cause I will probably knit a scarf in those colors too. If you have an idea about what colors I should use, then please write a comment and tell me. I could use some help with this, even tho I already have a plan. Still it would be nice to get some tips from you guys, since I'm probably going to knit more than just one pair. I love to knit now when it's dark outside. Just makes me more happy to knit that to do nothing. It takes maybe a day for me to finish two wrist warmers. I knit really fast but I'm trying to do a good job and not rush through it. I want them to look great and awesome. Now remember to give me some tips on what colors I should use and please follow my blog.


Shoes, a dress and something more.

Hey guys<3

I feel really bad because I haven't written anything here in quite a while, I really should get better at blogging. I'm gonna try to write something at least 3 posts each week, hopefully I will get time for that. The reason for why I haven't written anything in this week is just because I have been super busy with everything. This post will be a fashion post thing. I was in Bodø looking for shoes, I found some awesome shoes, the ones my mom bought for me was by Ed Hardy. They are perfect for me, I will probably use them everyday until I can't use them any longer. They are really comfortable and nice. I have pictures of them and I will post them too. I also got a new dress for like prom and stuff like that. It was 500 NOK but I got it for 50 NOK cause Vero Moda had like super sale on everything. Everything was between 25 NOK too 100 NOK. Awesome right? I was really happy when I found that dress since I have been looking for one like that for ages. Just have to be honest, I love the dress and I look forward to wearing it for something special, like Christmas prom. I really love the dress and the shoes and here are the pictures of them both.

Really nice right?

Love the dress, do you?

Love it!

This came in the shoe box, cute right?


The other side of the shoe!

The back!

Super cute shoe box. <3
I will try to come up with a new makeup look for you tomorrow, since I kind of feel like I  have to do that. That's it for now, I might write something later tonight if i get anything to write about.


Sunday, 4 September 2011

I love them to death.

Hey guys<3

Yesterday I wrote a post were I said I would post some pictures, that post got deleted by accident. I was supposed to delete a draft but I deleted the post, so sorry about that. I got late home yesterday, and I was not feeling very well so I just went to bed. I will post the pictures in this post and I love the pictures so much. The pictures this time will be of my grandparents' sheep. I won't write so much more tonight because I'm tired and still not feeling well so here are the pictures, hope you like them.

Pernille eating!

Gulldokka is busy eating too.


She is beautiful!

Beautiful Pernille.

Lillemor is such a cutie!

Mi Pia<3


I love you, and you love me.




Super cute!

Februara is so cute.


Daughter of Lillegrå!



Misty my girl!

I love you with all my heart until the day I die.

Svartis and Fryda<3

That's all of the great pictures I have, the rest is only alright. Don't forget to comment in the comment box and tell me what you think about the pictures and what is you'r favorite picture? If you want to ask me something, just write your question in the comment box as well and I will answer in either a post or in the comment box.
Also don't forget to follow my blog, I would appreciate it a lot.