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Sunday, 4 September 2011

I love them to death.

Hey guys<3

Yesterday I wrote a post were I said I would post some pictures, that post got deleted by accident. I was supposed to delete a draft but I deleted the post, so sorry about that. I got late home yesterday, and I was not feeling very well so I just went to bed. I will post the pictures in this post and I love the pictures so much. The pictures this time will be of my grandparents' sheep. I won't write so much more tonight because I'm tired and still not feeling well so here are the pictures, hope you like them.

Pernille eating!

Gulldokka is busy eating too.


She is beautiful!

Beautiful Pernille.

Lillemor is such a cutie!

Mi Pia<3


I love you, and you love me.




Super cute!

Februara is so cute.


Daughter of Lillegrå!



Misty my girl!

I love you with all my heart until the day I die.

Svartis and Fryda<3

That's all of the great pictures I have, the rest is only alright. Don't forget to comment in the comment box and tell me what you think about the pictures and what is you'r favorite picture? If you want to ask me something, just write your question in the comment box as well and I will answer in either a post or in the comment box.
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