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Friday, 20 July 2012

A little update for you.

Hello my cuties.

I have been getting a lot of e-mails from people asking where I am, and why I don't write anymore and stuff like that. All of those questions are going to be answered in this short update post.

I'm just going to get right into it and tell you everything. On twitter I was complaining a lot about my computer and that the battery was broken and it turned it self off when I was using it. It's now being fixed so at the moment I'm working from a computer that I borrow from Elkjøp. I don't know how long it's gonna take to fix it but I think that I'll have it back at the end of next week.

I won't be able to post any of the new makeup looks I created before I can get my own computer back, the reason for that is just because my pictures, videos and information and everything is on that computer. It's really annoying because I had about 2-3 new awesome & crazy makeup looks created for you that I was going to post during these two weeks.

If you follow me on twitter you know that I got my new HD camera this week. I didn't get this camera for the purpose of my blogs, but I will use it to record videos in HD and I will also have a lot of better photos of my makeup and everything now that I won't use my phone camera anymore. I'll tell you more about the camera I bought in a different post coming out when I get my computer back.

Another thing that I will get is my very late birthday gift from my brother, roller skates. I have been wanting a pair forever and my brother said he would buy it for me, he finally did and I will have them in my hands in about two to three weeks.

I think that's everything I wanted to say. I'm sorry that this post is so bad and short. Your just gonna have to accept that. I will probably not write more until I can get my own computer back. When I get it back you can look forward to a lot of new and nice makeup looks. Outfit's of the day pictures will also be posted. I'm going to make videos of my outfits from now on as well.

I hope you are all doing good and that you have a nice summer. If you want to you can follow me on twitter there I am @Tooonee94 I update all the time. Thank you so much for visiting and reading. It means so much to me. I'm ones again sorry for the lack of blogging but that's how it is when I can't work from this shitty computer I borrow. And ones again thank you for visiting.


Thursday, 5 July 2012

Makeup look- A little bit of Craziness!

Hey cuties.

Let me just start of by saying that I'm sorry that I haven't posted this earlier, I haven't been in the mood for writing and I have been busy with a few things. A few days ago I came up with a new crazy makeup look and I know that I haven't done a wild makeup look in a while now, so I thought you'd like it. I love crazy and over the top makeup looks, I just like to stand out, okay? This is a great look for going out at night, so I hope you like it.

Face products.
Foundation in Light Ivory- Max Factor.
Bronzing Powder in Gorgeous Tan- H&M.
Comlpexion Perfection- E.L.F.
Coral color as blush- 120 Palette.

Eye Products.
Eye Primer & Liner Sealer- E.L.F.
Pink Eyeshadow- 120 Palette.
Purple Glitter Eyeshadow- 120 Palette.
Dark Purple Eyeshadow- 120 Palette.
Skin Color Eyeshadow- 120 Palette.
Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Intense Black- Maybelline.
Extra Length Mascara in Brown/Black- Sheer Cover.

Eyebrown Liner in Light Brown- H&M.

Lip products.
Lipstick in Sunset Peach- Wet n' Wild.
Lip Collection Berry in Wild Strawberry- Sheer Cover.

From the left: Main color used in the crease of the eye, second color was used on the lids, not higher up than the crease, the third color I used on my lower & top lash line. The next color is the color I used as blusher. Next is the lipstick and the last swatch is the lipgloss

I hope you like this look, now remember wear whatever you want to, cause the most important thing is that you like it. Thank you all so much for reading and visiting my blog, it means so much. I can't believe that I have so many followers. If you want to you can follow me on Twitter @Tooonee94 I'll follow you back.

-What do you think about this makeup look?
-What's your favorite color for summer?