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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Makeup look- Gold, white and light green.

Hey cuties.

It has been a while since I made a makeup look, and since I had absolutly nothing to do today other than reading I wanted to create a new look, and so I did. I really love the look I made cause gold and green is the perfect color for me and my eyes. This look will be amazing for people with red hair, blue or green eyes. I don't think it will be the same with brown eyes, but I suppose it will still look awesome. Everyone that likes the looks I'm making can also wear them no matter what eye color you have. Most of the colors I used was from the 120 eyeshadow palette which I use almost everyday, but I also used one of the eyeshadow paletts from h&m called Silver Glamour. It's an old eyeshadow palette I got for Christmas from one of my friends. Here are the pictures of the look and the products I used to create the look:

The look!

Closed eyes!

Open eyes!

I love it so much!

Nice, right?

The gold I used all over my eyelid!

From the side!

Oh, I got red eyes! love it!

Do you like it?

Gold, white and green, love it!

Everything I used!

This is the gold color I used on my lower lash line!

The green I used on the outher part of my lower lash line!

This is the white I used for my upper lash line!
That's it and I hope you like it. I do, but that's just me. Anything you want to know just ask in the comment box, I will answer. Comment and follow please.


Saturday, 27 August 2011

Elf Cosmetics and Makeup.

Hey cuties<3

I'm really tired now and I need to sleep but before I do that I wanted to tell you about a webside I found for just a few minutes ago. The webside is to Elf cosmetics and makeup. I've heard so many good things about them, but also a few bad things, but I never listen to what other people say, I have to test things out my self to see. I found so many things on this page I really want and need, ones I get more money I will buy a lot of new makeup and brushes from this page. The reason for why I love this is because the products are so cheap. 

For instance: 
-A duo eyeshadow is only 13,32 NOK.
-A lipstick is only13,32 NOK as well.
The Clarifying Pressed Powder is also just 13,32 NOK.
And this is 1,70 in EUR. A brush set with 9 awesome brushes in is only 133 NOK, which is only 17,07 in EUR. 

I want everything on this page. I will choose the things I need the most and buy them when I get more money. The webpage is super awesome and ones I get the things I need I will tell you all about it and hopefully you will also buy makeup here. I love this page even tho I havent bought anything there yet. It's so amazing that you can get so cheap makeup. I really think that if you are a girl you should use 5 minutes to check out their webpage. I love it and hopefully you will love it too.

-Do you have any Elf products?
-Are they good or bad?

Tell me in the comment box below and follow if you want to.


Friday, 26 August 2011

I got what I wished for!

Hey my cuties<3

Today I got my two new piercings, and I really love them. I always wanted a piercing in my upper ear and now I have that, got it on both sides of course. To be honest with you I didn't feel so much pain, but I would say it's more painfull to get your ears pierced than getting your nose pierced. I have a video of that but because it looks like I'm crying so I wont post that here. I might make a video showing you all of my piercings and my tattoo and talk a little bit about them, but only if I know that more than just 1 will watch it. Anyways, I love my piercings to death, and these ones I got today will probably be one of my favorites. The one I have in my nose is my favorite piercing ever. I think I want to get a labret piercing and a belly button piercing because I think they are two of the most sexiest piercings you can ever get, I'm sure I will get that someday. I know that not everybody dosn't like that girls get so many piercings but I love them so I will keep getting more untill I don't want more and I don't care what other people think about me getting so many piercings, so that's okay. I have pictures of the new piercings so you can see and yes, I know my ears are like super red but that's normal when you get a piercing there. The piercings are just like a little diamond and they are the gold ones. I could get silver, but I didn't want that. The piercings coasted me 300 NOK, that will be like 38,50 in EUR. It's not that much for two piercings. My nose piercing was 550 NOK, which is 70,60 EUR. All I can say is that I love the new piercings so much, they are deadly awesome. Here are the pictures of them:
1.upper ear piercing.

2. upper ear piercing.

That's it for now, I have been using over two hours on this post and I don't feel like using any more time on it. I know this post might be a bit stupid but the reason is because I couldn't find the words I was looking for and I just couldn't focus on what I was doing so sorry for a stupid post, but this is what you get for now. Hope you like the piercings, I do and I will probably get more no matter if you will like it or not. Ask me anything you want to I will answer you in a post or in the comment box. Do you want me to make a video to talk about my piercings and my tattoo? I got what I wished for so I'm happy.


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Makeup look- Black'n pink.

Hey cuties<3

I have a new makeup look for you today, it's super awesome, and to be honest I thought I  would be able to make such an awesome look. I think this look will be awesome to girls with blond hair and green eyes. I really don't like pink so much and I don't like to wear it out so much either, but this look is just awesome because it's not just a pink eyeshadow, but black and a bit of purple as well. I think this look would be great to wear at a party. I would wear this at a party if I had a pink dress and black boots. It's the perfect look for a night out. I would probably wear it at school just because I love crazy make up looks. I might wear this tomorrow at school. I wont make a video to try to show you how I did this cause to be honest with you it took me a lot of time to do and it was hard to do, but I practise every day so maybe I can do this look for you. Anyways, first of all I put the black all over my eyelid, a little bit higher than the crease, then I put the pink color on top of that not all over, but up the the crease. Then I used the purple colore and my angeled brush from h&m to line my lower lash line. Then I just putted on the wet'n wild eyeliner and mascara from Max Factor and I just used an orange colore from the 120 eyeshadow palette as my blush. Then I used my favorite lip gloss from h&m. I'm not going to write so much more than this because I don't have so much more to say so here are the pictures of the look and everything I used to create it:

This is the color I used for my lower lash line!

Open eyes!

Closed eyes!

This is the black I used!

Here is the pink I used!

The eye!

The look!

Everything I used to do this look!


Wow, that was close up!

I love the makeup!

Smiling for you!


Love it?

Last one!

So that's it for the pictures, and I hope you like this look. The earrings I'm wearing today are from Glitter. Got them in a gift bag. If you wouldn't get them in the gift bag they would coast you 8,90 in EUR. But they are really nice, and I can't feel that I'm wearing them, so I love that. Tomorrow it my first day at school so I will be wearing an awesome makeup look and an awesome pair of earrings, and nice clothes. I might take pitures of it all and show you how I will look and everything.
That's it I might write something later tonight, but I can't promise you that I will. Hope you like this makeup look and comment and follow my blog please.


Monday, 22 August 2011

Makeup look- Green, purple and brown.

Hey my cuties<3

I woke up early today and I had nothing to do, so I made a new makeup look for you. I tried to record it by using my webcam, but you wouldn't be to happy if you saw the quality of the video, so I didn't even bother trying to upload it on my blog. I might use my moms camera to record it some other time but not today, I didn't find the camera and I was a bit angry cause I was in the mood to make a video for you guys. Would you want me to make a makeup video for this look or not? If so I will borrow my moms camera and record and upload it. Enough about the video recording thing, the look I have for you today is also a bit different that the other looks I already have made. I used a lot of colors and I really like the way it turned out. Cause these colors I've used suit me very well. Green is one of my favorie eyeshadow colors, and if I didn't think it would be too boring to wear the same look everyday I would wear it everyday. This look will be amazing on people with red hair and blue eyes, I suppose it would also look amazing if you have brown eyes. If you have brown eyes you are super lucky. I always wanted brown eyes, but no, I have blue. Everyone in my family has blue eyes. And I don't know if you have noticed that in every picture it looks like I'm wearing lenses, but I'm not. As usual I took pictures of the look and everything I used. Here they are:

Open eyes!

This is the green color I used on my lid!

I used this purple for the upper lash line!

I used this for my highlight!

This is everything I used to create this look!

The look!

Closed eyes!

Really close up!


Looking down.

Awesome makeup look, right?

looking up!

I love the red eyes I'm getting on every picture.

What do you think about the look?

Oh yeah!

I like it!

A bit close up!

The look close up!

Looking good!

Last one!

That's all for now, I hope you like it and if you want to ask me about something just write your question in the comment box and tell me what you think about the look. I hope you like it, at least I do, I love it.