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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Makeup look- Black'n pink.

Hey cuties<3

I have a new makeup look for you today, it's super awesome, and to be honest I thought I  would be able to make such an awesome look. I think this look will be awesome to girls with blond hair and green eyes. I really don't like pink so much and I don't like to wear it out so much either, but this look is just awesome because it's not just a pink eyeshadow, but black and a bit of purple as well. I think this look would be great to wear at a party. I would wear this at a party if I had a pink dress and black boots. It's the perfect look for a night out. I would probably wear it at school just because I love crazy make up looks. I might wear this tomorrow at school. I wont make a video to try to show you how I did this cause to be honest with you it took me a lot of time to do and it was hard to do, but I practise every day so maybe I can do this look for you. Anyways, first of all I put the black all over my eyelid, a little bit higher than the crease, then I put the pink color on top of that not all over, but up the the crease. Then I used the purple colore and my angeled brush from h&m to line my lower lash line. Then I just putted on the wet'n wild eyeliner and mascara from Max Factor and I just used an orange colore from the 120 eyeshadow palette as my blush. Then I used my favorite lip gloss from h&m. I'm not going to write so much more than this because I don't have so much more to say so here are the pictures of the look and everything I used to create it:

This is the color I used for my lower lash line!

Open eyes!

Closed eyes!

This is the black I used!

Here is the pink I used!

The eye!

The look!

Everything I used to do this look!


Wow, that was close up!

I love the makeup!

Smiling for you!


Love it?

Last one!

So that's it for the pictures, and I hope you like this look. The earrings I'm wearing today are from Glitter. Got them in a gift bag. If you wouldn't get them in the gift bag they would coast you 8,90 in EUR. But they are really nice, and I can't feel that I'm wearing them, so I love that. Tomorrow it my first day at school so I will be wearing an awesome makeup look and an awesome pair of earrings, and nice clothes. I might take pitures of it all and show you how I will look and everything.
That's it I might write something later tonight, but I can't promise you that I will. Hope you like this makeup look and comment and follow my blog please.



  1. thats flipping cute! ;D as always ofc ^^. i love what you do. keep going! you will get far with this! thats for sure ;D <3

  2. Thank you.:)
    Well that's nice to know, and I hope I will get far with this. : )