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Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween-Outfit and my makeup look.

Hey cuties.

This post is not going to be so long just because I'm super tired and I don't want to use so much time writing on my blog tonight, all I actually want to do right now is to go to bed and sleep and dream about something amazing. I'm super tired because I have done so much today, so I'm going to bed early tonight. Like I said this post wont be long but I will post some pictures of my outfit today and the makeup I was wearing. I was a vampire witch tonight and I love my outfit and the makeup I came up with, it was not hard at all to do this look but of corse it could have been better if a real makeup artist did this, but I'm practising to become better. I hope I can become a makeup artist, cause that is my biggest wish and dream. Here are the pictues of the outfit and my makeup. I will post more pictures, maybe tomorrow, or some other day this week. Well, again here are the pictures:

Closed eyes!

Open eyes!

On the left side!

Right side!

Right side after putting on two hearts.


I love this look.

The outfit!

"Can I be your vampire witch?"

That's all the pictures I'm posting tonight, but like I said I will post more pictures of the makeup and the outfit this week. If there is something you would like to ask me, then just ask me I will answer you.

-What do you think about the look and the outfit?

And remember, it's Halloween, I'm a vampire so I might bite tonight. Watch out!


Sunday, 30 October 2011

I LOVE YOU-good night

Hey guys.

I havent been able to write anything new here, because I have been busy the whole weekend, now I finally have some time to write just a little post for you, but since I don't really have so much to write about I just thought that I would post some pictures in sted and tell you all that I love you and you make me so happy. Don't forget to comment and follow my blog cause that will make me suuuuuper happy.


"What should I write in my hand?"

"This, I love you."

Good night<3

 Nighwish-While Your Lips Are Still Red.


Thursday, 27 October 2011

Makeup look- A VAMPIRE.

Hey cuties.

finally I created the vampire inspired look for halloween. This is the look I probably will wear at halloween, cause I'm going to dress up as a vampire. I will get some vampire teeth and of corse a costume. Hopefully I will get that tomorrow.
I think this look is awesome, and yes I would wear the eyeshadow at school, cause I think it's super awesome and I love looks like this. Everything I used for this look was:

-Red facepaint as my base.
-Red eyeshadows from the 120 eyeshadow palette.
-One by One Volum Express mascara by Maybelline.

-Withe facepaint all over my face, to make my face look a bit "dead"

-Lip gloss på h&m.
I used that lip gloss for the blood as well, and a bit of the red facepaint.

Brushes: look at the picture.

Here are the pictures of the look, hope you like it.

Closed eyes!

Open eyes.

The awesome look!


I want your blood!

The awesome vampire?

"Bad girl vampire"

Everything I used to create the look.

Love the makeup.

Close up!

"I'm dead but still alive"

"Good girl vampire"

I used this red color on my lower lash line.

The color I used all over my lid.

"I just drank someone's blood

Now I'm gonna drink your blood!

That's the look, and I of corse know that there are so many better vampire looks out there, but this is my way, and I'm not a makeup artist yet, keep that in mind. I love this look and I hope you love it to. I'm hungry now, so I'm gonna go out so I can drink some blood. May I drink your blood? Please?


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Because it's night.

Hey guys.

I'm so tired after being at school today, my brain have been working too much today, do I like it? No! It makes me tired, so I'm going to bed early tonight. I think I will do the vampire inspired makeup look tomorrow so come back tomorrow and look for that. I'm super happy today because I got over 1000 different people visiting my blog since I created this blog. To me this is big, so I'm super happy. How fast can i get 2000?

Enough, I don't really want to write so much tonight just because I'm so tired and I need to sleep. Insted of writing I will just post some pictures for you.

"I love you"

"Because I want to"

"Bear hug"

"Do you want one?"

"I'll give you one"


"But remember I'll always love you<3"

Time to go to bed, but just one more thing, this bear is my favorite teddy bear ever, his name is Bjørn Einar Romøren. My bear is awesome. Good night and sweet dreams. Don't forget to commet and follow my blog, that will make me super happy.


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Time for bed, good night.

Hey guys.

I should sleep now since I have to get up early tomorrow because of school, but I don't really want to sleep even though I'm super tired and have to sleep. But before I go to bed I just wanted to write something for you.

"Because I love you all"

"I want to send you something"

"A kiss"

"Because I have to"

"Because I don't know why"

"Because I'm awesome, and so are you!"

Children of Bodom-Blooddrunk.

Good night cuties<3


Makeup look- Sunset INSPIRED.

Hey cuties.

Today I have a new makeup look for you inspired by a sunset. I don't know about you but I just love sunsets, because it's so beautiful. I think this look is awesome and you know me, I would wear this look at school if I wanted to, but this will be awesome for a party if you have a red, yellow or orange dress. If you have red or blond hair this look will be amazing for you. I have red hair and this look is amazing for me. At least that's what I think. The products I used for this look was:

-All eyeshadow by 120 eyeshadow palette.
-Eyeliner by Wet'n Wild.
-One by One Volum Express mascara by Maybelline.

-Bronzing bowder by h&m.
-Blush by Markwins International.

-Clear lip gloss by h&m called Water Lily.
-Mixed with orange eyeshadow from the 120 eyeshadow palette.

Brushes: Look at the picture.

Here are the pictures of the look, I hope you like it just as much as I do.

Open eyes.

Closed eyes.

The awesome look.

Sunset makeup inspired look.

Love this makeup.

Love it?


Looks good, right?

Oh yeah!

I love this makeup look.

: )

Everything I used to create this look.

This is the color I first started off with, I put this all over my lids.

Then I put this on top of the other color.

I put a little bit of this in the inner corner and on my lower lash line.

I used this on the other part of my lower lash line.

That's all and I hope you like it. The next time I will do the vampire look for you, since the last time I did it, I couldn't find my phone to take any pictures.