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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Makeup look- A VAMPIRE.

Hey cuties.

finally I created the vampire inspired look for halloween. This is the look I probably will wear at halloween, cause I'm going to dress up as a vampire. I will get some vampire teeth and of corse a costume. Hopefully I will get that tomorrow.
I think this look is awesome, and yes I would wear the eyeshadow at school, cause I think it's super awesome and I love looks like this. Everything I used for this look was:

-Red facepaint as my base.
-Red eyeshadows from the 120 eyeshadow palette.
-One by One Volum Express mascara by Maybelline.

-Withe facepaint all over my face, to make my face look a bit "dead"

-Lip gloss på h&m.
I used that lip gloss for the blood as well, and a bit of the red facepaint.

Brushes: look at the picture.

Here are the pictures of the look, hope you like it.

Closed eyes!

Open eyes.

The awesome look!


I want your blood!

The awesome vampire?

"Bad girl vampire"

Everything I used to create the look.

Love the makeup.

Close up!

"I'm dead but still alive"

"Good girl vampire"

I used this red color on my lower lash line.

The color I used all over my lid.

"I just drank someone's blood

Now I'm gonna drink your blood!

That's the look, and I of corse know that there are so many better vampire looks out there, but this is my way, and I'm not a makeup artist yet, keep that in mind. I love this look and I hope you love it to. I'm hungry now, so I'm gonna go out so I can drink some blood. May I drink your blood? Please?



  1. you can have my blood whenever you want! ;D great look! now i know whats comming on halloween ;D

  2. Hell yea you can bite me ;)
    Maybe I'll even bite back ;)

  3. Niiiice;)
    I guess I wouldn't mind being bitten back by you;) hehe;D