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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Life updates and goodbye for now!

Hello my Angels.

Kisses from me and my girl Bambi<3 xoxo

I feel quite silly right now, because I have no idea on how I should start this blog post, but there we go, my problem is now solved. I know that some of you are probably wondering where the hell I am, and why I haven't been writing anything. The answer is I'm still here, I'm alive and everything is simply amazing.

Let's start with some updates, shall we? I feel like we should probably start with my summer!
I had a great summer with my family and my friends. To be honest it was the best summer of my life. I spent most of my summer at the mountain at my grandparents cabin looking after their sheep. Everything went well, in total they had 44 sheep, and everyone survived the summer, which is amazing.  

This is of course not the only thing I've been doing, if you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I love abseiling. It's something that makes me happy, and it makes me a stronger person. 
I love it. This summer I also went to a concert/ festival with my mother and my aunt. I had so much fun, I didn't touch alcohol and still had fun and the best part is that I remember everything that happened. 

Moving on to fall, this fall has been amazing. I guess I should tell you a little story now. When I was in 3 or 4. grade I think, a boy I hadn't seen, started in my brother's grade, which was 8. grade. The moment when I saw him, I was mesmerized. He was perfect, long black hair and tall, simply perfect! I knew then and there that I was in love. I remember he walking by me nearly every morning at school. I used to peek up at him through my lashes, and hope that he would just for once look down and notice me.  As far as I remember he never did.

He was that kind of boy who a girl could easily fall for, both because of his beauty and his talent, guitar playing. Because of both him and my brother I got my second guitar, just so that I could ask him to teach me how to play. So at this school party thing I asked him if he could teach me, he said that my brother was probably better than him and that I should just ask him. As he turned away from me, all I wanted to do was to kick his ass, of course I didn't do such a thing. But at that point I hated him for about a week and then I was back to loving him. 

So when he was done in 10. grade and left school, I knew I would probably never see him again, the thought crushed me, but I couldn't stop living. Life went on, and when I was in 10.grade I started talking with him online. We kept contact online for about 5 years or so. And as the years went by, he told me I was cute and that he had feelings for me. Really? Yes really. This fall after the festival I was telling you about, we decided to meet up, and see what could happen. 

To make the story short he's now my boyfriend and the love of my life, I love him now more than ever, he makes me such a better person, he makes my anxiety run for the hills. He makes me smile, he makes me laugh, he makes me happy and he makes me feel loved. He wipes away my tears when I'm sad and holds me close and kisses me and tells me he loves me. That's love and I know he will never break my heart or hurt me.

I guess that's enough about my private life and about the love of my life. Now to tell you what I think is the most important thing to tell you. It's probably about time to tell you this as well. After a lot of thinking I have now decided to stop writing on my blog, this will probably not be forever, blogging is after all something I enjoy doing, but it takes up quite a lot of my time and I don't want to sit stuck in front of my computer writing, when I decide to start writing again, it might not be on this blog, but a different one, but I'm taking a break for now.

My idea was to create a new blog in Norwegian where I can write about anything, not just makeup.  If this is something I decide to do I will of course let you all know about it, probably here on my blog and on Instagram, so be sure to follow me on Instagram if you want to, and don't be afraid to say hello. 

That, my friends was everything I wanted to tell you for now, this is not goodbye forever, but goodbye for now. I don't know when I will write my next blog post here on this blog but one thing is for sure, I will be back. 

Goodbye for now my Angels, thank you all so much for reading and visiting my blog, it means so much to me, I love you all. 

One last photo from my summer on the mountain with my sheep Bambi.

- Tone-Lise.