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Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween-Outfit and my makeup look.

Hey cuties.

This post is not going to be so long just because I'm super tired and I don't want to use so much time writing on my blog tonight, all I actually want to do right now is to go to bed and sleep and dream about something amazing. I'm super tired because I have done so much today, so I'm going to bed early tonight. Like I said this post wont be long but I will post some pictures of my outfit today and the makeup I was wearing. I was a vampire witch tonight and I love my outfit and the makeup I came up with, it was not hard at all to do this look but of corse it could have been better if a real makeup artist did this, but I'm practising to become better. I hope I can become a makeup artist, cause that is my biggest wish and dream. Here are the pictues of the outfit and my makeup. I will post more pictures, maybe tomorrow, or some other day this week. Well, again here are the pictures:

Closed eyes!

Open eyes!

On the left side!

Right side!

Right side after putting on two hearts.


I love this look.

The outfit!

"Can I be your vampire witch?"

That's all the pictures I'm posting tonight, but like I said I will post more pictures of the makeup and the outfit this week. If there is something you would like to ask me, then just ask me I will answer you.

-What do you think about the look and the outfit?

And remember, it's Halloween, I'm a vampire so I might bite tonight. Watch out!



  1. Love the outfit and the makeup ;)
    And, you could bite me any day ;)

  2. Watch out now, I just woke up and I'm hungry so I might bite now;)

  3. That's ok ;)
    kinda feel like a getting bit a little ;)