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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Elf Cosmetics and Makeup.

Hey cuties<3

I'm really tired now and I need to sleep but before I do that I wanted to tell you about a webside I found for just a few minutes ago. The webside is to Elf cosmetics and makeup. I've heard so many good things about them, but also a few bad things, but I never listen to what other people say, I have to test things out my self to see. I found so many things on this page I really want and need, ones I get more money I will buy a lot of new makeup and brushes from this page. The reason for why I love this is because the products are so cheap. 

For instance: 
-A duo eyeshadow is only 13,32 NOK.
-A lipstick is only13,32 NOK as well.
The Clarifying Pressed Powder is also just 13,32 NOK.
And this is 1,70 in EUR. A brush set with 9 awesome brushes in is only 133 NOK, which is only 17,07 in EUR. 

I want everything on this page. I will choose the things I need the most and buy them when I get more money. The webpage is super awesome and ones I get the things I need I will tell you all about it and hopefully you will also buy makeup here. I love this page even tho I havent bought anything there yet. It's so amazing that you can get so cheap makeup. I really think that if you are a girl you should use 5 minutes to check out their webpage. I love it and hopefully you will love it too.

-Do you have any Elf products?
-Are they good or bad?

Tell me in the comment box below and follow if you want to.


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