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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Shoes, a dress and something more.

Hey guys<3

I feel really bad because I haven't written anything here in quite a while, I really should get better at blogging. I'm gonna try to write something at least 3 posts each week, hopefully I will get time for that. The reason for why I haven't written anything in this week is just because I have been super busy with everything. This post will be a fashion post thing. I was in Bodø looking for shoes, I found some awesome shoes, the ones my mom bought for me was by Ed Hardy. They are perfect for me, I will probably use them everyday until I can't use them any longer. They are really comfortable and nice. I have pictures of them and I will post them too. I also got a new dress for like prom and stuff like that. It was 500 NOK but I got it for 50 NOK cause Vero Moda had like super sale on everything. Everything was between 25 NOK too 100 NOK. Awesome right? I was really happy when I found that dress since I have been looking for one like that for ages. Just have to be honest, I love the dress and I look forward to wearing it for something special, like Christmas prom. I really love the dress and the shoes and here are the pictures of them both.

Really nice right?

Love the dress, do you?

Love it!

This came in the shoe box, cute right?


The other side of the shoe!

The back!

Super cute shoe box. <3
I will try to come up with a new makeup look for you tomorrow, since I kind of feel like I  have to do that. That's it for now, I might write something later tonight if i get anything to write about.


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