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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Knitting is so easy!

Hey cuties.

Remember the hat I knitted by using the loom, or the quick knit? That is really easy but knitting with needels are also super easy, I learned it when I was about 6-8, in between that age. I started to knit scarfs and small things. I don't know where everything is that I have made but it should be somewhere in the house. I love to knit, I think it is super fun. I like to knit wrist warmers or mitts as they also are called. I use a pair everyday. I have so many of them, just because it is super easy to make. I'm gonna get my mom to buy me some really nice yarn and then I'm going to knit a new pair of wrist warmers and take pictures from start to finish. I was thinking that I could use pink, yellow and blue yarn? would that be weir? cause I will probably knit a scarf in those colors too. If you have an idea about what colors I should use, then please write a comment and tell me. I could use some help with this, even tho I already have a plan. Still it would be nice to get some tips from you guys, since I'm probably going to knit more than just one pair. I love to knit now when it's dark outside. Just makes me more happy to knit that to do nothing. It takes maybe a day for me to finish two wrist warmers. I knit really fast but I'm trying to do a good job and not rush through it. I want them to look great and awesome. Now remember to give me some tips on what colors I should use and please follow my blog.


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