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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Makeup look- Grey and purple.

Hello cuties.

I fnally have a new makeup look for you, I know it has been like forever since the last time I did a makeup look for you, and to be honest the reason for that is because I haven't been wearing any makeup apart from when I'm at school, which is one day each week, and when I'm in Bodø with my mom, other than that I haven't been using makeup. Enough about that, now I finally have a new look and today I used two grey colors and an awesome purple eyeshadow. I took pictures of the look and everything I used to create the look. This time I didn't use the 120 eyeshadow palette but I used two eyeshadows called Superstar Silver & Pearly Lilacs, both are by h&m. I put the Superstar Silver eyeshadow all over my eyelids then I put the metallic grey colore from the Pearly Lilacs on, not all over. Then I used the purple from the same little palette as my eyeliner on my lower lash line. On my waterline I just used my wet'n wild waterproof cream eyeliner. On my lashes I'm using my favorite mascara which is the Max Factor waterproof mascara. This look is great for anyone with blond hair, I think, and also people with blue or green eyes. Also as you can see it will look good if you have red hair. Here are a few pictures of the look and the products I used.

The look!

The products!

The Superstar Silver eyeshadow.

The Pearly Lilacs eyeshadows.

The purple I used for my eyeliner on my lower lash line.


Closed eyes!

Beautiful look!

I like it!

Close up!

That's everything for now, if you want to ask me anything just write your question in the comment box.

What do you think about the look?


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