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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

E.L.F Package+pictures.

Hey cuties.

After waiting for my E.L.F stuff for two weeks I finally got it, and I'm super happy, I was recording while I opend up everything but I cant post the video because you will just complain about not being able to hear me! The sound was all fucked up, so I'm sorry that I wont post a video this time. At least I will post a video when I get my little kitten. So the things I bought was:

-Lipstick called Gypsy.
-Super Glossy Lip Shine with Spf 15 called Honey Do.
-Blush called Giddy Gold(studio)
-10pc Brush Set.

When I bought this I used a code to get a free mystery box and that box contained.
-Nail Polish called Golden Godess.
-Nail Polish called Smokey Brown.
-Mascara Wands.
-Minty Lip Gloss called Chicago.

I was really happy with my free gift, I will order from E.L.F again, not this year though. I will just show you the pictured of everything today and then test them out for about two weeks and write reviews on everything. Here are the pictures:

That's everything I got and I also bough a little yar which I filled with tiny stones, I'm going to use this as my brush holder. I will post a picture of that as well so you can see it. I will create a new makeup look tomorrow if I get the time for it, cause today I wont. I will make cupcakes and watch tv and hang out with friends, and maybe drive with my mom as well. Watch out, I'm a danger to the road! Just joking. OR WAS I?


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