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Friday, 14 June 2013

Camouflage Fashion Haul.

Hi Angels.

It's Friday, and omg it has been such a long time since the last time I had time to sit down and blog, I've been busy with school, but I'm soon done with school, I think I only have like maybe a week left and I'm done. This is going to be another haul, and now you can also follow me on INSTAGRAM so make sure you follow me there, I always post photos there! Addicted!

1.- Camouflage See-through jacket
I love this jacket, my mom bought it for me at Bik Bok, I love it cause it's so light and the material feels like silk against the body, yes I'm in love with it, great for warm days since you could just wear a light top under it. The pattern is beautiful and the colors are so outstanding even though it's sheer and see-through.

2.-Camo Top.
I love this top, I wear it so much on days when it's warm, it's so light and again this one also feels like silk against the body even though it's not.

I love the back of the top simply because I can show off my tattoo, it's perfect for me. The top is from Bik Bok too, love that store.

3.- Leather leggings.

I love these leggings, they are of course not real leather, but they look like it, they go so well with everything so I wear them a lot.
I love them, I got them at Bik Bok too, for 99 NOK, I think. Love them.
4.-Army Hat.
My mom bought me this hat, I love it and it goes so well with nearly everything else I wear. I used to hate wearing these until now, I just find that they are cute and easy to put on and it does not fuck up my hair.
5.-Leather Boots.
Needless to say that these are my new favorite shoes, the heel is not to high and I can walk in them without falling or feeling uncomfortable. I got them at Bik Bok, they were on a super sale, the price for them was 900 NOK but I got them for like 99 or something like that.

I love the details on them, they are so cowboy'ish and I love that, made my mom jealous just by saying that. I love them.

That's everything I bought, hope you like it, more hauls will come and probably more makeup looks as well, since it now seems like I can upload my photos to my blog, hope it works. Thank you all so much for visiting and for reading my blog, it means so much to me.

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  1. Great items, I love camo print too!
    Nameless Fashion Blog
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    ps. I'm @elisazanetti on Instagram

    1. Thanks, yeah, I love camo print too, it's so pretty:)
      Thanks for telling me your instagram name, I'll follow:) xx

  2. Great haul! I like everything, the leggings and the camo jacket in particular! Happy Friday! Kisses! xo

  3. Amazing haul! :) - Follow my blog Dear :) - Like my FACEBOOK ♥

  4. love camo fashion. lovely pieces dear.
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