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Thursday, 25 April 2013

10 Things You Didn't Know About Me TAG.

Hey Angels.

I'm bored at the moment, so today I just thought I'd spend some of my time to write a new blog post, because yesterday, I got an email were I got tagged to tell you 10 things about my self that you didn't know, so this is probably going to be very funny, or boring for some of you!

1. I talk to my self all the fucking time, no matter where I am, if I have a question that nobody else can answer, I shout it out and answer it myself. (PEOPLE LOOK AT ME THINKING "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HER?" Everything, maybe???

2. I'm CRAZY. A lot of people say that I'm like Jukka Hilden, just that I'm a girl. I wouldn't say that I was like him, cause I'd sure as hell would not do the things he can do, but let's be honest, some of the things he does, I could do without thinking. CRAZY! Oh and Jukka Hilden is super hot!!

3. SPIDERS, freak me out, I'm scared of spiders, they are ugly and to me they haven't got a single purpose on earth. I can't even touch a spider, I'd probably die just by holding it.

4. I wish I was a wolf, I love wolfs, they are adorable and so strong. Ever since I was a little girl, I've always wanted to be a wolf, which is probably impossible, but I still hope to get the chance to be one. How awesome wouldn't it be to just run around free without any worries? Very awesome, if you ask me.

5. I'm a camera freak, I take photos and film everything, cause photos to me are sort of like memories. I snap photos, print them out and hang them on my wall in my bedroom. DECORATION! I'm sure that if you gave me a video camera it would eventually be stuck in my hands.

6. My weight says I'm only 45 kilos. Yes, that's very little and my brother always makes fun of me for being so light, he says I'm like a feather.

7. I wake up at 05:00 every morning no matter if I'm going to school or not. Weird? YES, PROBABLY.

8. I'm a bunny,( NOT REALLY) my mom tells me I'm a bunny because I'm always jumping around, and never sit quietly on a chair for a very long time, I have so much energy that has to be put to use. So I'M A HYPERACTIVE BUNNY. =)

9. I'm addicted to my phone, I always have to have it close to me and check if I got any messages, and I always play games, I tweet a lot from my phone so I never lay it somewhere and then walk away from it. It's not possible for me to do that cause my phone is my "HUSBAND".

10. I love interior magazines and TV-shows about interior, because I love getting inspiration for how I can make my own house look. I always look for new ways to decorate my room and the bathroom.

That's 10 things you probably didn't know about me, and if you did you have probably known me for a very long time, if not you must have been reading my diary. I can't really tag anyone, cause I don't know if those I would tag would actually do this, so I'm just gonna be a nice little girl and tag those of you who wants to do this tag. If you do it, please post your link to that blog post in the comments on this blog post, so that I can check it out.

That's it, so hope you liked it, thank you so much for visiting and for reading my blog, you know how much it means to me, so thank you so much.



  1. Replies
    1. Good to know, might do more of these if people still want to know me better:) xx

  2. Replies
    1. Hehe, yeah, I do! Hopefully I don't have to get up that early in my next school year:D

  3. Lovely post, you know, I also love interior design magazines, obsessed by them, and spiders do freak the hell out of me ! I'd be glad if we followed each other on Bloglovin, if you are interested. Kisses

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    1. That's so cool, I can't stand spiders:D Sure, I'd love that:) xx

  4. It was nice to know more about you, I am a camera freak as well! And love design magazin too! Kisses sweetie! xo

  5. wow you are actually similar to me in many ways. I talk to myself toO!

    1. That's awesome:D yeah, when I talk to myself I at least get the answers I want to get:D haha