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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Writing and stuff!

Hey guys.

I'm not writing an article about animal abuse, it's for a task at school. I'm writing mostly about making clothes out of animals fur. I'm supposed to be against it and for it, I don't know about you but being for animal abuse or making clothes out of fur is very hard for me, because I hate it and the people doing this to animals. I get so angry when I think about it and I do my very best to avoide using makeup or products tested on animals. It's not right at all. Do people think about the animals when they do stuff like this to them? Do they acutally think that they have feelings as well? It's crule and it should not be allowed at all. People who test makeup on animals should be punished, there are other ways, people making clothes of fur should also be punished, there is something called "fake fur" just use that if you really have to. Fur should be on animals and not humans, if we were supposed to use fur we would have been born with it, we shoudln't have to take so many lifes from animals just to get clothes to wear, fur on people looks ugly. Yes, I'm being honest, we don't need it at all, animals need their own fur. So stop taking it!

I think I got a bit carried away but yes I have a reason for that, I'm going to write this article now and when it's done I might share it with you guys. Also since I'm writing about this now I want to know what you know about this case!

Should we make clothes out of fur?
Should we test makeup on animals? 

My opinion is no we don't have to and together we can stop animal abuse! Tomorrow I'm going to the dentist so I will take pictures of my outfit and my makeup to show you that before I leave.

Good night cuties.

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