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Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Hey guys.

I'm in bed, ready to sleep because I'm so tired, the reason for that is because I was at the dentist yesterday and being there makes me so tired and after getting my teeth fixed I was in quite a lot of pain, which I don't like. Hopefully it will be over by the time I wake up tomorrow, which I think will be early, cause my little man, Baldrian is in bed already, and when he is in bed at this time he will wake up quite early, about 8-9 in the morning. I have some things I need to get done tomorrow so I guess it's okey to wake up at that time, I will post a new makeup look for you guys if I can get the inspiration to do a new one, if not I will maybe just write a review on the brush set I got from E.L.F. I also found a new company online I will tell you about as soon as possible, I can't do it now, cause I'm simply too tired for that. I'm in such a pain now so I'm going to take something to make the pain go away so I can sleep. Just really quick before I log off I just wanted to mention that you should check in the sidebar to see that I have a email adress which is used for this blog, read that before contacting me.
I'm going to sleep now so good night and sweet dreams. Oh and yes this was just a randome post because I really wanted to make a one now. Gooood night.


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