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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Good night+tomorrow.

Hey guys.

Just before I go to bed I wanted to tell you that tomorrow I will write a review on one of the E.L.F stuff I haven't written about yet, also I might just do another makeup look, or maybe show you what I use to remove my makeup, and some other face products I use. I have a few plans for what I'm going to write about during this week and I hope I can get the time for writing about everything I have in mind. I need to set up a plan, I will do that, but I don't know why. I was also thinking about doing like a " ask me anything and I will answer in a video" thing. How does that sound? That means you can ask me whatever the hell is on your mind and I will answer, if I think it's privat I won't answer it! It's my blog, I draw the line. I'm done with everything called homework so tomorrow I'm just going to play with makeup most of the day, watch Lilo and Stitch and eat noodles, my favorite food ever. I simply can't live without them, well I can, but I will miss them. I will also go to my grandparents because we have to take Baldrian to them so he can stay there while I'm at school. I hope I will get my math test back, and hopefully I will get a good result. I'll tell you about it when I get it back. That's pretty much everything I had on my mind now, I'm not really tired at all so I will stay up look at some makeup online, I was thinking about buying something from MAC but I don't know what, so if you know what I should get please tell me, I will also play this game on my computer called Mahjon Titans. That game makes me super tired and makes me sleep at night so I love it.

Good night from me and Baldrian, love you guys, don't forget to comment and follow my blog by clicking the little button saying "join this site"



  1. ur pretty pretty and beautiful. u dont need any make-up.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!