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Thursday, 12 January 2012

E.L.F Hypershine Lip Gloss REVIEW.

Hey cuties.

I'm finally writing a review on the last product I got from E.L.F the first time I ordered from their website. As you probably already know it's about the Hypershine lip gloss. On the website it says: Hyper, glass-like shine infused with micro-mirror technology to reflect light. Conditioning shine last for hours. Directions: To activate, twist pen 10-20 times or until gloss appears in brush appicator. Apply gloss alone or on top of desired lip color. It contains 12m and I paid 13,59 NOK which is $1.00. That is cheap, and for this product the price is alright. My lip gloss is in the color Flirt and I love this color, it looks so good on my lips, and it feels very good on. It smells so damn good, it's like the best smell ever, it lasts for about two hours and it gives you smooth lips. I love this product but I wish it could contain more product, cause I used mine up in three weeks. I just have a tiny bit left and I will save that for the summer, I will buy this again cause I loved it so much. This is probably the second best thing I got from them, the best was the Mineral lipstick in the color Natural Nymph. It's awesome and so is this gloss. If your going to order from E.L.F forget about everything else you need this one!
Get it, it's cheap and awesome.

This is what the gloss looks like on my lips, wearing it alone!

The product is self, as you can see I just have a tiny bit left, saving it for the summer!

Swatch of the product.
I really do love this product and it looks good on top of any lipstick, I would advise you to buy this lip gloss in the color Flirt and get the Mineral lipstick in the color Natural Nymph, wearing those together looks amazing. It will be awesome for wearing everyday. I hope you like it and I hope this was helpfull. Want me to write about the makeup I'm wearing on my eyes at the first picture, tell me and I will. Anything else you want to ask me just go a head and ask I will answer in my next video.



  1. is all that scratch marks or did u rage with the whatever it is again? XD

  2. Somehow I knew I would get a question about those marks, Baldrian, my cat made those scratch marks. xD I don't do stuff like that to myself. xD