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Monday, 5 December 2011

Vlog-My kitten is finally here.

Hey guys.

This is my first vlog ever. I know my english is bad, and the quality of the video sucks like hell. It's not a good video at all. The reason for why I made this video was because I said that when I got my kitten home I would make a video and take a lot of pictures of him and post on my blog. I will post the pictures of him in a different post cause it's enough with this video for now. I hate the video my self, but here is the thing I'm being my self in this video and I really don't care what other people think about me. If you like me then that's good. If you don't, well too bad.


That's it and I hope you enjoy, like I said the sound, quality and everything is fucked up so sorry about that. I want to get a camera to make videos, this was filmed with my webcam, which is shit. I'm quite scared to post this video now cause I know your gonna laugh your asses off. I'm saying so many things wrong but hey, I'm 17 and I'm from Norway. This could have been so much better if I got another camera to film with and if I knew how to edit a video, but I don't. Need someone who can do that for me. I really need help with that. Oh well, it's juse a damn video, hope you like it;D I will post more videos of him later. Also if you want me to make other videos then just tell me I might do that, after all it will be easier to make another video ones I have posted this one.

-Do you know about a name?



  1. Your english suck? hell no!. to be honest it was amazing ^^ way better then what i can :D and the quality was good for a first time ;) if i had to give u a number from 1 to 10 i'd give u a fair 9 ;D was a really nice first try and u should do more ;D Your doing great! keep it up girl!<3

  2. Thank you :) that means so much to me: )