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Friday, 9 December 2011

Makeup look-Rusty and purple.

Hey cuties.

I finally have a new makeup look for you guys, a look I think is super awesome, if you have red hair, like me this will be awesome. If you have blue eyes this will also be amazing for you. If you have blond hair this will also be very nice. This look is good for daytime but also for night. If I was going to a party I would wear this look. I will wear it tomorrow if I'm going to the city. Everything I used to create the look was:

-Eye Primer & Liner Sealer by E.L.F.
-Rusty color from the 120 eyeshadow palette.
-Dark purple color from the 120 eyeshadow palette.
-Cream eyeliner called midnight by E.L.F
-Fals Lash Effect masacara by Max Factor.
-White color from the All this 4 your beauty palette by h&m.

-Blush from the Party Kitty palette by h&m.
-Bronzing powder by h&m.
-Complexion Perfection.

-Lipstick called Natural Nymph by E.L.F
-Red Lip gloss by h&m.

Brushes: Look at the picture.
Here are the pictures:

This is the color I used on my upper lash line.

The color I used all over the lid.

I really hope you like this look. The reason for why I made the latest video was because I had to make dinner and I have also made a lot of cupcakes. It's soon Christmas and my brother loves cupcakes and so do I.  Don't forget to comment and click the button in the left sidebar which says "follow this site" to follow my blog.

-What do you think about the look?



  1. hi, ur like real pretty, thnx for friending up on myspace, i support ur dream and im sure your going to be a fantastic make up artist ! rick xoxoox

  2. Hello. Your welcome, and thanks so much for that. It means so much to me:) ones again, thank you:)