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Friday, 9 December 2011

2. video- I don't have time to write.

Hey guys.

This is my second video, the reason for why I'm making it is because I'm gonna help my mom making dinner. I'm trying to get better at making dinner and food, I think it's fun. Hope you like the video and it could have been better if I had a better camera. If you don't like my video you don't have to tell me, just keep it to yourself. But if you like it, please comment. I think it's fun to make these "vlogs". Hope you like it too. At least I can give you something to laugh about.

Hope you enjoy, and I still think my english could have been better. But that's what you get until I get better.

-Do you want me to continue making vlogs?



  1. wooohooo! another vlog ;D and better then the last one ^^ well done and yes ;D

  2. Hehe, well thank you and alright:D