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Saturday, 31 December 2011

E.L.F Brightening Eyeliner REVIEW.

Hey cuties.

I'm finally writing a review on the Brightening Eyeliner by E.L.F, I got mine in the color Plum, because I love colors like that, they are so nice. First of all I just have to say that I don't really have so much to say about this product because it isn't so much to say about it. It's a good eyeliner and I really like it even though I don't use it that much. This was only $1.00 which is about 13.59 NOK. There are better eyeliners out there of cours but for the price this one is amazing. That's just my honest opinion. On the pacage it says:

Glides on without tugging. Instantly brightens and defines. Safe, gentle formula.
Directions: Hold upper lid gently. Glide on liner, blend with sponge tip or ring finger.
Tips: For best results, use with Brightening Eye Color.
If you want to know what the product contains just go to E.L.F's page. Here are two pictures of the product and a swatch so you can see how it looks.

I hope you like this post and I know it should have been longer and I should have given you more information but I don't have the time for that since it's the last day before we start a new year. I will write a bit later tonight afte 24:00 but I wish you all a happy new year. I have two more products to write about from the first time I bought stuff from E.L.F. That's it, hope you like it;)


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