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Thursday, 10 November 2011


Hey guys.

Guess what? I just had to order from E.L.F again, I love their makeup so much, not only because it's cheap, but because the makeup has awesome quality. This time I bought:

-Super glossy lip shine spf 15 called Honey Do.
-10pc Brush Set.
-Studio Blush called Giddy Gold.
-Lipstick called Gypsy.

I got a code from E.L.F, I used it so I'm getting free delivery and because I bought stuff for over €12, I'm getting a free mystery box. That is awesome. I can't wait until I get these things, cause the last time I ordered from E.L.F I got it super fast and I was so happy with everything. Tomorrow I will review some of the products. I have been testing them out long enough to know if they are awesome, good or bad. E.L.F is cheap but their makeup is not crap at all. If I could I would get everything on their web site. I would also test out everything just because I'm already am in love with this company. One word "AMAZING" If you haven't already been at their page, you should click HERE.  

I might write something later just because I'm so bored but I won't promise you that I will, cause I'm  tired and I might just go to bed.Want to join me? Just kidding. Oh, and I'm sorry that I didn't get to do the makeup look for you guys, I actually did the look I had in mind but I cound't find my phone, which means no pictures. I might do the makeup look tomorrow just to get it done.



  1. I'm already in your bed at this time ;)
    *creepy* xD

  2. In my bed?:O I can't see you!xD;)

  3. I'm hidden ;)
    under the covers ;) xD