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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Music- Awesome instrumental songs.

Hey guys.

I know it has been a few days since I wrote something, but I have been really busy with everything. I don't have any new makeup looks for you, but I still have something awesome to share with you. I will share my favorite instrumental songs with you. I'm only into metal, heavy metal, folk metal, black metal, death metal, trash metal, power metal and so on with more awesome metal. I have been in love with metal and folk metal since my brother told me to listen to it. I think I will always keep listening to metal. I love these songs and I hope you will love them too.

Equilibrium-Kurzes Epos.


Waylander-King of the Fairies.

Now it's super late and I should go to bed, got up so early today because of school. Before I end this post and log of my computer I just wanted to ask you this one important question. What should I do with my hair? I don't know if I want to dye it because I love the color I have now, it's my natural hair color. I don't know what I should do, because I want to dye it, but then again I don't. Should I just leave my hair the way it is, or maybe I should get curls. Please help me.

-Did you like the songs?

-What should I do with my hair?



  1. The songs where awesome!
    And in my opinion, I think you should leave your hair the way it is. Think it looks better than if you where to curl it.
    maybe get a bit darker color,
    cause dark is always sexy in my opinion ;)

    (commented in English, since you whole blog is in English)


  2. That's true, I think I will leave my hair the way it is. If I'm going to dye it, I will probably just leave the top part red and dye the rest black. I always wanted to do that, and yes dark is always sexy:D

    And thanks for commenting.: )

  3. hey! My plans for my hair, was dark red at the top, and the rest black ;p
    have black in, just need the red ;)