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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Something amazing.

Hey cuties.

I have a some really amazing pictures for you today. It's of some sheep, I love them and I will always love them. I love animals and I wish I had my own animal. My wish is to get a horse which is black and white, or just black. I also want to get a dog, I want that dog to look like a wolf, and I will call my dog Alexi. Enough about that, these pictures are really amazing pictures, at least I think so. Because they mean so much to me. I guess that I will print them out and hang them up in my bedroom. I hope you will like the pictures just as much as I like them.

My mom and Lille Grå. She was gone for two weeks then she came back. That's just amazing.

Pia and her son Jack.


Jack my boy<3

Sola, amazing sheep.

Me and Misty.



Svartis and me<3

Fryda and me<3

Mi Pia<3 my girl, I love you baby<3

Lille Grå<3
This picture is for my mom.

Amazing right?<3

Fryda, she is super cute<3


Misty, Lille Grå's daughter.

Pia, really tired.
That's all of the pictures. Next time I have some really awesome pictures for you. That's it for now and I hope you like it. I have to go to bed now since I have to get up early tomorrow, yes of corse I'm going shopping in Bodø. Good night.


1 comment:

  1. redhead no no no, brownhead you are! ;D heheh xD nice pictures btw ;D gotta meet em all! but first you ^^