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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Makeup look- So Super Sexy.

Hello cuties.

Tonight I have a bit different look for you guys, I said that when I made the next makeup look I would put my contact lenses in so you could see how super sexy and awesome they really are. I will probably buy red, black, green, and some UV contact lenses. For the look I just used a brown eyeshadow from the 120 eyeshadow palette, the same highlight as I did the last time, Maybellin's One by One Volum Express mascara, an eyeliner I don't know where is from and my waterproof wet'n wild mega eye gel liner.
I didn't take pictures of the products I used, but of cours of the look and of the lenses. I love these lenses so much even tho they are hard to get in, they are super sexy. Vampirish eyes.

One lense in.

Closed eyes.

Both lenses in!


Awesome eyes!

I love the lenses.

I wish I had this color on my eyes.


Close up!

"The Vampire"

Sexy Vampire?

Giving you a smile, because I love you so much<3

That's all the pictures and I hope you like them, tell me what you think about the lenses. Would you wear lenes with this color? What color would your lenses be in?



  1. "sexy vampire" Oh hell yeah! ;D nydelig! må bare sei ^^ gleda mæ til å se mer! ;D <3 har lyst å like 10000 ganga! *clicks the LIKE button!*

  2. sexy vampire indeed ;)
    hakke nekta deg å bite meg før å si det sånn ;)

  3. Pass deg no, kanskje e finn på å bit;D

  4. hehe ;) ja, men da gjær ingen teng, om du ha funne på å bit meg ;)