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Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Hey cuties.<3

I should sleep now but before I do that I just wanted to write a short post telling you how I feel and what's going to happen tomorrow. You know that I'm getting a tattoo. I think I wont get a lower back tattoo right now, but a bit later. When I have more money for that, and when I can find the perfect tattoo for my lower back. I don't know yet tho. Can't promise anything. My mom want's me to get a small tattoo, cause it's my first one. I want a lot of tattoos, maybe 6/7 tattoos on my body, they are all going to be nice and awesome. And they will also have meanings. Like a whole story behind them. So the one I will get now is one with a huge meaning. Depending on what I will get tho. I will get my mom to film a bit of it, and take pictures from start to finish, so I can show you guys that. I might make a video of it, not to show it off, but to show you how it looks like and tell you the meaning of it. I'm looking forward to it, I'm really excited about it now. I'm not really scared anymore, just thinking a bit about the pain and everything. So hopefully it wont take such a long time to get the tattoo, but I know it's going to take more than just 20 minutes. So after getting the tattoo I will go look if I can find any jeans or a top I like and get something to eat. Meet a friend and don't spend any more money. Alright, so I'm super tired and I need to sleep. Good night cuties<3 wish me good luck, I need it.: )


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