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Thursday, 11 August 2011

It's super awesome

Hey guys<3

It's one day after I got my first tattoo, it is amazing. I did not get the lower back tattoo I wanted, because it's too big for a first time tattoo. I think that if you are under 18 and it's your first tattoo you should get a nice small one. Not a big one, cause you might not like it. I love the one I got cause it's really personal and it's perfect for me. My mom loved the tattoo I got, and so did my brother. I don't think my dad has seen it yet tho, but I know he will love it. The tattoo artist was names Roger. He was a really awesome guy. He used a lot of time on my tattoo to make it look like it was real and like 3D thing. I wish I had a movie too show you when he tattood but my mom had no time to film, so it's okey. So I know that if your going to comment, you will be asking about the pain, so I will give you an answer on that before you even ask about it. Yes, it did hurt a bit. But the worst part was when he hit the bones on my shoulder. How much did it hurt from 1-10? I would say it hurted some place between 2-4. It was not as bad as I thought it would be so I might get another one on my other shoulder, but that will probably be an aries thing. If not I might get my name tattood on me. Of corse we took some pictures of the tattoo from start to finnish and I also have some from today. What is my tattoo?
It's two small bunnies, one black with a white nose and a grey one, they are supposed to look like Findus and Silwer. I almost cried when I saw how much they looked like them. I wish the grey color could have been better tho, but still it looks amazing. I hope you think the same, and I really want to know what you think about them so please comment in the box below, just  click "0 comments" and you can write your comment. I might make a video to tell you why I got this tattoo, but I think a lot of you already know, so I might just write about it when I get the time for that. Would you prefere a video or just text? Let me know. Here are the pictures from start to finnish and how it looks today:

The start!

One done!

One more left.


He had to put this plastic thing on, and that really hurt because of the tape.

Next day, with the plastic thing still on!

Alright, the plastic is off!

After taking a shower!

Not the best picture, but wanted to show you the tattoo not close up!
I really hope you guys can comment this post and tell what you think and ask me anything you want to! This post is really special just because I let you see my tattoo and let you in to my privat life here. So please comment, that would make me really happy. Wanna rate my tattoo from 1-10 just write a number in the comment box below. "Click on "0 comments" So that's it for me now, I might write something later if I get the time for that if not the I will write tomorrow. I will take better pictures for you guys of the tattoo, but I love it so much, hope you like it too!


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