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Monday, 15 August 2011

Maybe a star?

Hey cuties<3

I just wanted to write something really quick here cause I think I have to go outside to take some pictures. It's so beautiful outside now, the wind is strong but it is super warm. I feel like running around in just a dress. I think I might put on a dress and go outside just to take pictures. I guess I wont be able to sleep tonight because it's so warm outside and inside. Enough about that, I have a few things to write about these next days. I got some new makeup looks, and also I made a new and easy nail design that I love. I have pictures of everything so I will show you them. I also have a mascara I wanted to show you. it's going to be a written review on it. I could have made a video too, but I don't want to make a video unless you comment and tell me too. Now my tattoo, I will write about that when I get the time for it, I still love it and so does most of my friends that has seen it. You can all feel free to hate it, but I don't care, it's on my body, not yours. I  wanted to add a star above Silwer and Findus but that will be after I turn 18. Cause my mom dosn't want me to get any more tattoos before I turn 18. Sucks a bit but I accpet it since I'm so happy with the two awesome bunnies I have on my shoulder. I love it and I will always love it, but like I said I wanted to get a star aswell because they are in heaven. To me they are. I don't really have any photos for this post so I'm going to add a song that I love it's by Xnadria and it's called Fight me.

So I probably wont write anything more tonight unless I can take some really pretty pictures to show you. I might do that. Please follow my blog and comment, it means so much to me. What do you think about the tattoo idea? the star above Silwer and Findus! Please tell me.


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