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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Tattoo update!

Hey guys.

I really don't have so much to do so I thought it would be nice to give you an update about my tattoo. I can't remember if I told you that I would take pictures of the tattoo everyday so you would be able to see the healing process. To be honest with you I didn't really feel any pain after I got it, the only pain I felt was when I had to put the lotion on. The one I got is called Helosan. I love the smell of it, it just reminds me of something really tasty, but I can't remember what. It has now been one week and a day since I got my tattoo, and it changed since the last time you saw it. I got a black and a grey bunny, the grey color didn't show up so good, but the guy said it could take a lot of time for the color to show up, so when I got the tattoo, they both seemed to be black, but they are not. The grey color has started to show up, and it's more like a silver color and that makes it look real just because Silwer was not grey, but he was in a silver color. The only thing I wish could have been a bit better is the outline of the grey bunny. I still love them, but I still wish it was better. The healing process isn't over yet and that means the tattoo can still change it's color. If you don't like my tattoo then keep it to yourself, I don't care if you don't like it, so if I were you I would not write a comment to say something stupid. If you on the other hand like it then you are more than welcome to tell me. I would love to know what you think about it. The pictures are not the best but thanks to my mom at least I have some pictures from each day to show you. Here they are:

Three days after!

Four days after!

Five days after!
Six days after!

Seven days after!

8 days after!
That is the change. It looks super awesome, but like I said, I wish the outline of the grey bunny was better, but they look so real and I love that. They reminde me so much about Silwer and Findus. I will continue to take pictures of the tattoo everyday just so I will be able to see the change. That's it for the tattoo update now I just wanted to tell you that I will get two new piercings. They will be in my ears, in the upper part of both of my ears. I always wanted just a little diamond there. The reason for that is because I think it looks beautiful, and I will probably have a few tattoos and a lot of piercings because that's just who I am and my style. Tell me what you think about getting two piercings there and tell me what you think about my tattoo! Comment and follow my blog and would be awesome if you told others to check it out too. Also if you want to ask me about something just feel free to ask.


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