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Saturday, 20 August 2011


Hey cuties<3

Earrings are my biggest obsession after makeup, I have to get a new pair of earrings for each time I go shopping. I got my ears pierced when I was 7 or 8, but my body didnt accept that, so I had to take the earrings out, but when I tured 13 I really wanted to be able to wear earrings again, so I got my ears pierced again. This time my body didn't like it so much but it accepted it, so I can wear earrings as much as I want to now. First I didn't like earrings so much, and I didn't have that many, just because I never bought any and because I couldnt wear them. That has changed, now I'm OBSESSED with earrings and piercings. I need earrings, because I love them so much. Earrings and the neckless I'm always wearing is the only type of accessories I use. I think it's enough for me because if I wear a nice pair of earrings, and some awesome clothes and nice boots, I look good enough. I love getting earrings as a gift from anyone. I could kiss everyone who gave me earrings only because I love getting earrings. Just for a few years ago I started to buy and collect all kinds of earrings, so I don't have that many, but I will keep buying so I will have a huge collection of earrings. I took pictures of the ones I got and my favorite pair and here they are:

Black thick and big earrings from H&M

All of the earrings I have atm!

My favorite pair, from Glitter!

Diamond earrings from H&M.

Big golden earrings from H&M.

Bunny earrings from Glitter!

Pearl earrings from H&M, lost the other one:/

Earrings from Glitter!

Pearl earrings from Glitter!

Golden pearl earrings from H&M!

That is the ones I have, I know I have more but I'm an expert on loosing them, which means I didn't find them and I probably never will. Beside I don't really care, cause I will get new ones anyway and the ones I lost are the ones I never would use.
I love using earrings that others can see, so they have to be long or big. And yeah, I will be getting my upper ear piercing soon and I can't wait to get that, I'm so excited for that. Hope you liked this and I will be doing a new post about another obsession I have the next week. Comment and follow please.


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