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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Makeup look- Brown looks good.

Hey guys<3

New makeup look, I used three different brown colors. I used one on my lid and then the two others on my lower lash line. I used one of the dark brown colors in the crease as well. I think this look can be awesome for everybody since it's more like a natural look. The blush is super nice as well and so is the lips. I used my favorite lip stick and a h&m lipgloss which is really nice. If you are not the type of person who would wear green, yellow, orange, red, blue or black because you think it's too extreme, then that's okey, cause brown colors are really nice and it does not look extreme. I took a few pictures of the look form start to finish and also I took pictures of the products I used so you can see that. Now before I add the pictures in I wanted to tell you about the eyeliner in this look. As you can see it's not as thick as the eyeliner I'm usually wearing, so I think that looks nice, but I would make the line a bit thicker since that looks better to me. Anyway's, like I said the look is awesome for everybody since almost everyone look good in brown. Enough about that, here are the pictures of the look from start to finish:

The start!

Brown eyeshadow all over the lid!

Almost done!
Added the highlight and a darker brown in the crease.

The whole look!
The three brown colors I used!
Everything I used to create the look!
The brushed and my lash curler.
The blush I used was from Max Factor.
Mascara, Lipstic and Lipgloss I used.
Waterproof eyeliner by Wet'n wild.
Awesome look!
A bit close up!
Looking into the camera!
Close up again!
looking down!
Last one!
That was the look, I hope you like it, if not then that's fine. If you like it please comment and follow my blog. If there is something you want to ask me about the feel free to ask. I will answer either in the comment box or in a post. Want me to make a video to show you how I made the look tell me and I might do that. Now that's all for now, I have been using almost 4 hours on this post so I need some time away from my computer. Worked really hard with this. Hope you like it.



  1. That color fits your eyes! ;D very nice look you got there ;) cute as always hehe ;D <3

  2. That's very nice of you to say, thank you: ) <3