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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Rich Bitch- Nails.

Hey cuties.

Sorry that I haven't been writing anything new lately. I had quite a bad time, and I did't feel like writing anything on my blog. I went to a shop here in Norway called Cubus and I bough these nail tips for 80 NOK. They are supposed to be used for Arcylic nails, like the tip of it. So you just put the tip of the nail on your natural nails. But I use the whole nail cause I don't have any nails my self. I used to bite my nails, now I don't bite them, but they brake cause they are not strong at all. So I guess I will never get long nails unless I use fake nails. I also got something called nail and body decore, nail file, and six new colors of nail polish. They were all from Depende. My mom actually bought them for me. So here is everything we bought and the nails I made from start to finish. I love the nails, but they don't fit perfectly. But I will fix that and I will also make other designs too. Right, here are the pictures:
At the start!

Everything we bought!

The nail polishes, the brown and the pink I got in a magazine.

Nail and body decore, art kit!

The 100 nail tips.

Close up.

Everything I used to make them!


Rich Bitch nails!

The whole hand and the nails.

Just an awesome picture.

So the reason for why i called the nails Rich Bitch, is just because the gold color makes me think about rich people and the black makes me think about like cold hearted bitch thing. They look awesome, but I wish I could make them better, but I might remove the nail polish and try to make them again later. But I love the nails, but the ones I'm making next will be better. Remember that this blog is mostly about makeup and looks so I wont show you all the nails I'm making, but the ones I think is awesome enough to show you guys.

Now that's everything for tonight, I might do a new makeup look tomorrow if I feel like doing that, I wont promis anything. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. It's now three days left untill I'll be getting my lower back tattoo. It's super awesome and I love it. So does my mom and a lot of my friends. I will get my mom to take some pictures of me when I'm getting the tattoo so I can show you guys how it looks like from start to finish, I might get someone to film it aswell. Cause I want a little video of it too. So now you know that. Remember to post a comment and follow my blog.


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