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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Makeup look- Orange and yellow.

Hello cuties<3

If you was reading my blog yesterday, you know that I promised I would do a new makeup look for you today, and so I did. I took pictures of the look and the products I used. I really do love this look. Reminds me of summer and the sun. I think it will look best on people with red hair and maybe green eyes. I can just imagine how beautiful this look would be if you have green eyes. I used a yellow and an orange color with a bit of glitter in from the 120 eyeshadow palette and I really love the yellow color. To be honest it's a sexy color. Not what everyone would wear, and I think that is why the color is super awesome. Here are the pictures of the look and the products I used. I hope you will enjoy:

Eyes opened!

The look!


Close up!

Awesome makeup look!

The two colors I used.

Eyes closed!

Craaazy picture.xD

Angry looking!

Faking a smile for you<3

The colors I used up close. Yellow in the outher corner and orange in the inner corner.

Products I used!

Cool picture of this look.


So that's it for today, I actually took alot of picturs just to get any good pictures, and these are the pictures I think were the best. Also I just wanted to show you this crazy picture that I took last weekend when me and my mom was at a mountain looking for my grandparents sheep.

Yes, I got bitten by one of them, it didn't hurt at all. The only thing I felt was that it was very cold on my lips and I could feel the blood running down. The worst thing was that I bled so much. I always bleed a lot.

Okey, now that's it. Hope you enjoy my blog and comment and follow, it's free and it will make me feel so happy. :)


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