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Saturday, 23 July 2011


Hey cuties<3

I promised you I would do a new makeup look for you today, but I actually had no time for it. I was in Bodø with my three best friends and after that I was home just for an hour and then we went to a beach nearby. When we got back home again, we just ate some dinner and went out again. So my day has been really nice. Accept from the thing that happend in Oslo today. Terrible. I have a lot of friends there so I hope they are still alive and not hurt. I'm not going to talk about that, but I'm sure you can read about it online, if not then maybe you have seen it on tv. But like I said I wont talk about it now, cause it makes me angry and sad, not scared but angry. So I said we was in Bodø today, and Bodø is a city one hour away from were I live. My brother bought me a diving set. That made me so happy. I love my brother.<3
Then I bought my self this bag kind of thing to have my phone/camera in if I want to take pictures under water. That is super awesome. I always wanted something like that and now I finally have this waterproof bag thing. Awesome, right? I promise you I will take pictures under the water as soon as we go back to that beach to swim. Alright I'm now going to watch some movies on how to knit a hat on a quick knit/ loom. Cause that is really awesome. I already made a few hat's but they are too tight. And looks bad. I would not use them out in public. But hey, that's just me. I might post some pictures of them when I'm going to show you the loom and the next hat I'm going to make. Yes, it will be from start to finish. Sorry that I wont post any pictures today for you, I really don't have anything new. But I can try to do a makeup look for you tomorrow before we drive back to sweeden. I will try to do that. But that means up early. Crap, oh well, I can sleep in the car for a bit. Now that's it for today. Sorry that I didn't do a new makeup look, but I will try to make a look tomorrow.
Good night cuties<3


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