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Friday, 22 July 2011

Just a short post!

Hey cuties<3

I'm super tired and I'm going to bed ones I'm done with this post. It will be a short post today because I can't really keep my eyes open so much longer. Like I said: I am super tired. I just wanted to say good night and tell you that I will do a new makeup look tomorrow and I will maybe post two posts tomorrow as well since we might drive back to sweeden this weekend. And since I wont be able to write when I'm there I wanted to just write two posts. Maybe do two different makeup looks. Or I can just post some pictures. At least I will try to do a makeup look since this blog mostly is about makeup and looks. Well alright, messy little post, so sorry about that. But I am really super tired and I need to sleep. I didn't sleep so much last night cause I got a lot of messages and I was reading a book and I couldnt stop reading. Yeah, I love to read books. Fantasy books. Okey, so I will write again tomorrow as soon as I can. Good night everyone and sweet dreams<3


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