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Monday, 18 July 2011

Makeup look- Pink with glitter.

Hey guys<3

It has again been a while since the last time I wrote something here. I will try to write more when I can and when I have the time for it. This weekend I didn't have any time for it because me, my mom and my brother was in Sweeden. We might drive back again. Cause we loved it there. Was so pretty and I took a lot of pictures there. Enough about that, today I made a new makeup look just because I was so bored. I used a nice pink/red eyeshadow. And I used my favorite lipstick ever. I will buy a new one tomorrow cause the one I have now is almost empty. So you know I wont explain how I did it, but if you really want me to do that then tell me and I will. Also if you want me to make a video to show you how I did this look then tell me. Just write it in the comment box below. Here are the pictures of the look I created:
The look!

Eyes opened.

Eyes closed.


Looking up!

This is the color I used.

The makeup looks nice right?

Close up!

Oh, I got red eyes, looks kind of awesome.

"The eye"

My favorite lipstick from maybelline called "Choco Dream" I think.

I used this as my highlight.

These are the products I used!

That's the look. I really like it. I think it looks good on me. I don't have so much more to say other than tomorrow me and my brother and my mom are going to the city. So I will buy some new makeup and ear rings. And maybe some new tops or skirts.

-Do you like this look?



  1. hey..thats awesome look so beautiful:)
    you could practice make up on me haha jk:D but that look pretty<3

  2. Hey, thanks for your comment.
    And yeah, maybe I could practice makeup on you. xD : )