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Monday, 11 July 2011

Pictures from the day

Hey guys<3

I'm sorry that I havent been writing anything but I have been sick and is still a bit sick, feeling a bit bad but much better than the last few days. It felt like I couldn't breathe, and I didn't really eat so much either. I'm feeling so much better now and hopefully I wont get sick like this again. I really hate being sick so I'm glad I'm better now. Today me and my mom went to Sandhornøya to walk along the beach just because we had nothing else to do. I took some really awesome and nice pictures when I was there. Most of the pictures are of flowers but still they are awesome. I love taking pictures because it's so fun to do. These are the pictures I took today:

Beautiful flowers beside the road.

These flowers are called "blåklokke"

Yeah that's me! Really pale because I'm still feeling terrible.

Really nice flowers, right?

Raindrops on the leaves.

Raindrops on the pretty flower.

This flower looks cool, right?

Nice, right?

"On my own"

In English they are called "bluebells" I think.

Big raindrops on a different leaf.

I kind of like this flower, reminds me of the sun!


Flower and the sea. Looks nice right?
Flowers close up, and nice background.


Raindrops inside the bluebells.

Not the best weather.

"Standing together as one"

So nice!


Flowers close up.

My beautiful mom<3

"Last one"

I know it's a lot of pictures but I think they look awesome so I wanted to post them here and since it has been a while since the last time I wrote something here I just wanted to post a lot of pictures insted of writing that much. But already I have been using two hours just on this post. I use up to two hours almost three on every post. Which is a lot of time. Anyways some of the pictures might not be the best but still I think they look pretty good. I'm going to try to make a new makeup look for you tomorrow since I havent been wearing any eyeshadow the last few days, just mascara and eyeliner. Felt too bad to put on more makeup. So I will at least try to make a new look tomorrow and take some pictures and post here. That's it for now I'm tired and I need to sleep. Good night and sweet dreams <3



  1. is this the beach, cause it has an awesome view hehe:) its looks cloudy though grrr >.<

  2. Yes, that's the beach I was talking about and yes it was not the best weather that day, but I promise to take some pictures of it when the weather is better:)