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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Makeup look- Pink and orange.

Hey cuties<3

I got a new makeup look for you today. Yeah, I finally created a new one. I was supposed to do this look yesterday, but I was in the city and I had no time for it when I got home. Cause me and my mom went to my grandparents and to my uncle, which is my mom's brother. He's awesome. So yeah, I got time to do this look today and of corse I took pictures of it and the products I used. I think the look was nice, not too much makeup for going out biking with my brother. I really wanted to find two perfect colors for my light skin and red hair. And I did. I always do. But this look will look good on people with brown eyes as well. I guess it would look good on everyone no matter what eyecolor/haircolor or skin color you have. Here are the pictures of the look, hope you enjoy:


Eyes opened!

Eyes closed.

Close up!

The look!

My outfit for today: I'll lock you up and throw away the key top!

The products I used!

The two colors!

The colors close up!

The awesome look!


That's it, and I might blog again later tonight, cause next weekend I will get my tattoo, but I still don't know what I want. All I know is that it's gonna be on my lower back, shoulder's or one of my leg's. Please help me to find an awesome and cute tattoo. Just post a link with the picture in the comment box below. That will help me a lot. Please help me?

Also please tell me what you think about this look in the comment box below this post. And for those of you who dosn't know how to comment just click on "0 kommentarer" or "0 comments" and write your comment in the big white box, and then you choose "comment as" and then you just click on "post comment" Easy..


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