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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Makeup look- Light brown.

Hey guys<3

I had so much fun today with my five best friends. We went to a beach nearby to swim. I finally learned how to swim better. When I got home I wanted to create a new makeup look for you guys. I used a light brown color from the 120 eyeshadow palette from I really love that palette. It's my favorite because it has every color you will need as a makeup artist. I love brown colors for my eyes, but I love to wear colors like blue, pink, black, purple, yellow, red and so on. Here are the pictures of the look I did for you today, not many but you can still see the look on the pictures I took:
The look from the side!

Everything I used to do this look!

I used this brown color.

Eyes opened!

Eyes closed!

Looking down!


Close up!

In the sun!
That's the look and I know the pictures could have been better but I had other things to do so I had no time to take better pictures. Next time they will be better, I promise. So now I'm going to knit another hat and maybe watch a movie. I'm going to watch 2012 soon.

-Do you like this look?


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