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Monday, 4 July 2011

Makeup look- Green with glitter

Hey cuties<3

New makeup look, tomorrow I'm going to the city with my mom so I wanted to create a makeup look which was going to look good enough to wear. If you want to know how I made this look then just comment below and tell me to make a video or to explain it cause I wont explain it here, I just don't want to use all of my time to try to explain it. Here are the pictures of the look and the products I used, also I wanted to show you the flowers I got from my mom, I really wanted them so she bougth them for me. My mom is the best in the whole world, so if you at all will read this just remember I love you <3
Here are the pictures, enjoy :

From the side!

Closed eyes!

Opened eyes!

The look!

Looking down!

The flowers I got from my mom!

Green glitter makeup look!

Products used to create this look!

Used this green color!


Flower close up!

Hopefully you like this look, I did and I think I will wear this makeup tomorrow. If not then I will show you the look I create tomorrow morning at 05:10, yes I'm serious, my brother have to get up that early since he starts working at 7 in the morning and he has to eat before he leaves, and it takes an hour to drive from here to Bodø. I guess I need to go to bed early tonight, yeah as if that will happen! First I need to do my workout and eat something cause I'm hungry.

-Do you like this makeup look?


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