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Monday, 17 December 2012

My Wishlist for Christmas 2012.

Hey cuties.

I got an e-mail yesterday saying that I should write my wishlist for Christmas on my blog, so that's what I will be doing today since I for once have the time to do that. I only have like 5 things on my wishlist this year, when I was like 15 I used to write down everything I wanted, now that I'm older I'm only writing down the things I feel like I really want and need.

Nr.1- Kenwood Smoothie blender.

One of the things I've been wanting to get for a long time is a smoothie blender cause we all know that I'm crazy when it comes to smoothie. I love smoothie, so I feel like this is a great thing to get for Christmas. Quick and easy way to get a smoothie before going to school! I have very little time in the morning so usually I don't eat before I get to school. ( I wake up at 5, sometimes 4:30 in the morning)

Nr.2- Memory card for my camera.

Another great thing that I would be happy to get is this memory card with 32gb for my camera. I take a lot of photos and I could use a bigger memory card than the one I already have. I'd be so happy if I could get this.

Nr.3- External hard drive.

Now because I take so many photos I need a place to save them, and my computer is nearly full of photos so I could really need an external hard drive to save my photos in. To me photos are memories and if they get deleted I'll cry for the rest of my life.

Nr.4- Jeffrey Campbell Damsel Spike.

I've been looking at these shoes for quite a while now and I know that some people hate the look of these, but I simply love them. I just think it would be nice to wear these at school or for going out. Just to start a little collection. If I don't get them for Christmas I'll buy them after Christmas.

Nr.5- Mixer.

I love to bake, I bake all the time, cause I love to try out new things, so a thing I really wish I had is my own mixer, cause the one my mom has, is pretty good, but I've been looking at this one for such a long time now and I really want it. If I move in to my own apartment I don't want to steal my moms mixer. Oh and it's pink, so I'd love to get it.

That's my wishlist this year, well there is more but if I would tell you everything I wanted it would take forever to finnish this blog post so if you want to share your wishlist with me just add the link to your blog in the comments. I'll check it out as fast as possible. Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog, it means so much to me so thank you so much. :)

-What's on your wishlist this year?