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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Makeup look- O.M.G

Hey my cuties<3

Today I went to the dentist and atm I'm so damn happy it's all over, no more dentist visits this year for me! I woke up at 11:00 in the morning and I had to hurry cause it takes about an hour to drive to the dentist and I wanted my makeup to stand out, so the look I came up with dosn't stand out so much so I think it would be cool to wear for going to school, or for going out! I love this look and I think you guys will at least like it! I know if you have blond hair this look will be amazing for you! Also if you have blue or brown eyes, this look will be awesome for you! 

Concealer In Nr 12- H&M.
Foundation In Linen- Make Up Store.
Pink Eyeshadow- 120 Palette.
Bronzing Powder In Gorgeous Tan- H&M.

Light Green Glitter Eyeshadow- 120 Palette.
Darker Green Glitter Eyeshadow- 120 Palette.
Dark Green Eyeshadow- 120 Palette.
White Eyeshadow- 120 palette.
Skin Color Eyeshadow- 120 Palette.
Gel Eyeliner 24H In Intense Black- Maybelline.
Fals Lash Effect Mascara- Max Factor.

Eyeshadow Stick In Spotlight- Viva La Diva.
Lipshine Volume In Nr 79- Nouba.

From the left: Eyeshadow used on the lids and on the inner corner on the lower lash line, second color was used on the lower lash line, third color was used on the upper lash line to give the illusion of thick lashes! Next color was used in the tear duct, next is the pink blush I used, one of my favorites! The next color was used on my lips! The color at the top is the lip gloss I used, it's actually a lip plumper, but no it dosn't work! At least I can't see that it works! But I love the color of it! I think it's great for spring!

I really hope you like this look, I like it, I think it's great! These colors are great for this time of the year as well! Later tonight I will write the review of the Gel Eyeliner from Maybelline! If you see any products you would like me to review just ask me and I'll write a review on it! Thanks for reading and visiting, you guys are awesome!

-What do you think about this look?



  1. loveee the contrast of these colours!! It looks so great x

    1. Thanks! That's good to know:) <3

  2. great green look

  3. love that light green shadow, you're gorgeous :)

  4. cool look! this got me thinking of fairies, don't know why though.... hm, but it sure was beautiful!!/Azure

    1. Yeah, I was kind of ispired to do a fairy look, so I guess that's why it end up looking a bit like it! =)
      Thank you<3

  5. I like it!:)
    I am your follower now-will you follow back?:)

    1. Glad you like it=)
      Yes, sure I will:)

  6. Such a pretty, bold look! The green looks great on you!

  7. Great makeup!! I love that shade of green!!
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  8. I love your lipstick! Looks amazing! Following you now!

    1. Great, aw thank you=)
      It means a lot to me=)<3

  9. Replies
    1. Thank you=) It means a lot to me:) <3

  10. The way you did your eyeshadow is really cool!! I love it! I need to learn how to put on eyeshadow.. ahaha!

    Kisses! xxx

  11. Those greens look so good on your complexion! this look reminds me of barbie! Bright eyes and a popping pink lip! Lovely! :)

    1. Thank you:)
      Hehe, really? Well that's cool:D