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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Working out and stuff.

Hey guys.

Remember that I did the PCD dance workout? Well I have been doing that since I told you guys about it and yes I think this is an awesome workout because it does work, but I think it's quite boring at the moment, since I have been doing it for so long. I want to do something new which can be fun and it has to help me getting stronger and better fit. I want a nice body which I already have for my age, but I want a stronger body, not like one of those body builders, I personally think it looks horrible. My brother said that I should do harder workouts like push ups, sit ups and stuff like that, I do those and yes I will continue doing them. I will start working out five days each week, which means monday to friday. The two last days of the week I will have my restdays, but I will be active. I'm always active these days. I will probably blog a bit about how it will be, and how I feel. I will be following some of these workouts. They are awesome, you just have to check this site out also you can vist their site. I will set up a workout program for 4 weeks and then see how it goes, I will change it up each month. I know I will do a great job, cause I love to workout and I love the feeling of working out, also when doing my workouts I will have to eat healty, which means cut the suger, no chocolate and no soda. I just really wanted to tell you guys this cause I feel that I haven't wrote so much about working out and stuff like that. I really look forward to monday, cause I will start then!  
-What workouts do you do?



  1. lifting my heavy dog ^^ he likes to be carried when he is lazy and wants to go and drink. even go to his bed xD so we gotta carry him sometimes ^^ thats what i call workout!