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Monday, 30 January 2012

OMG it's fashion!

Hello you cuties out there!

No, today I don't have a new makeup look for you, because I was in the city with my mom, we went shopping and I actually got exatcly what I needed! I love shopping, but I don't have the money to get whatever the hell I want! I wanted to buy a new outfit but all I could find was some jeans and a jacket, so the next time I go to Bodø, I will probably look for some tops and I will also buy these amazing boots I found! I didn't just buy clothes, I actually bought a shampoo and a conditioner by Sunslik, it's supposed to make your hair grow faster and become stronger! I will test it out for a while and tell you if I can see any result! I also bought three "bath bomb" things. I will tell you guys about them as well, cause omg, you have to get something like these! They have the most amazing smell! I think when I reach 20 followers I will do a competition where I will be giving away these bath bombs or as they actually are called Bath Blasters! Enough about that, I also bought myself this really amazing necklace, it's a bunny, and omg it's so cute and adorable! Here are a few pictures of everything I bough, and a bit of information about them as well! I hope you like them, at least I do, I love them.

Necklace from Glitter, 59,90 NOK / 7,00 EUR.

Shampoo and Conditioner! 19 NOK for each bottle!

The jacket I got was actually on sale, the ordinary price was 299 NOK I got it for 75 NOK, which I think is super cheap, for a jacket like this! Inside it has this fake sheep skin/fur thing, which makes it perfect to wear at winter when it's cold! I got this one in the size 36, which is a bit too big, but I love it!

My jeans was from Bik Bok and they were only 299 NOK which was cheap, they are slim and very tight, so I love them so much!

These are the bath blasters I got, I paid 39 NOK for two of them and 45 for one, because the one for 45 NOK has a toy or soemthing for kids inside, which I didn't know when I bouht it! It smells really good! Got to get more of these!

I will put on the things I bought and a nice top that goes nice with the jeans and the jacket as well and some boots/shoes to show you what it looks like! I love it and like I said I hope you love it too.
Want to ask me something, just ask me here or send me your questions to my email I will answer!

-What did you like the best out of everything I bought?



  1. i'd like those pants and the jacket! :D would look so awesome xDD so may i borrow em for a day or two? XD

  2. Haha, cool, yeah they will look awesome;D
    No, sorry, you can't!;D

  3. awwh :c why not? ;o well i'll take em anyways ^^

  4. Because I don't want you to have them, they are mine.xD
    I wont let you take them;D haha